All Netflix Has to Do Is Nothing

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Dave Chapelle’s latest comedy special “The Closer” is hysterical. It’s comedy as it should be; uncensored, unrelenting, and ripping apart sacred cows. As I’ve written before, comedy is a valuable tool in our society. It acts as a disinfectant, not allowing any group or subject to be taken more seriously than it needs to be.

Transgenderism is one of those things. For too long, no one was allowed to make fun of people suffering from gender dysphoria. In fact, unless it was spoken of in reverent tones, you weren’t being sensitive enough and were subject to the label of “transphobic.” This little label, like a scarlet “A,” carries around consequences. Cancellation is on the table. You may lose your job, your friends, associations to groups, etc.

Because we couldn’t make fun of transgenderism it has become a monster that hasn’t just caused cancel culture but infected our children in dangerous ways. As I show in the video, they’ve got trans kids dancing in nightclubs in the middle of the night while strangers throw money at them and drag queens stripping in front of children at public libraries.

Chappelle’s latest comedy special takes aim at the trans community but he’s not malicious about them. He states realities, but he never actually says anything considered hateful by any realistic standard. In fact, the very end of his show is a heartwarming yet tragic story about a transgendered friend and fellow comedian who committed suicide. This doesn’t matter to the transgender activist community, however.

Chappelle poked fun, and as such he has to be punished and, most of all, silenced.

As I write this, the trans activist community is doing its level best to get him canceled. Netflix employees are staging walkouts, internet mobs are doing what internet mobs do, activist organizations like GLAAD are condemning him, and even the media seems to be willing to report any time someone sneezes in Chappelle’s general direction.

An article from The Hill caught my attention that went along this line. It wrote from the perspective that Netflix can’t seem to get away from this controversy and that it looks like it’s going to face a lot more trouble in the future:

Netflix can’t seem to close the door on “The Closer,” with the streaming giant only further inflaming controversy with its defense of Dave Chappelle’s mocking of the transgender community in his latest comedy special.

Netflix had touted Chappelle’s stand-up routine as a chance for the 48-year-old Emmy Award winner to “try and set the record straight” and “get a few things off his chest” when it was released early this month.

But instead, the show — the finale in a series of six specials that Chappelle partnered with Netflix for — quickly ignited a firestorm.

Here’s my advice to Netflix.

Don’t do anything. Do as your CEO said you were going to do and don’t move an inch. All you have to do is nothing.

The funny thing about these outrage sessions from activist groups and special interest-driven mobs is that they’re short-lived. I’ve never seen the mob focus on anything more than a few days and if the powers that be want it to last longer, they have to artificially continue to prop up the issue and continue to generate more anger through various means. Perhaps they’ll try that, but eventually, they’ll give up and go away because once they learn they can’t bully you, they stop trying.

It happened to Goya. It happened Red Bull. It once happened to Chick-fil-A before they caved years later. You can’t be pushed around if you won’t be moved. In fact, resisting the extremists on the left very often results in a “buycott” where people go and purchase your products and services purely out of spite for the radicals.

Chappelle is one of the better things Netflix has aired and it makes what is clearly a leftist company seem a bit more middle of the road and willing to display perspectives today’s left would consider taboo, which is any perspective but theirs.

If Netflix simply does nothing, they’ll benefit by leaps and bounds.


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