Lord of the Virtue Signal

Pierre Vinet

In any other situation, I would have been ecstatic that we’re getting more Lord of the Rings. I can quote for you, verbatim, all three of the Peter Jackson movies. I’ll even tolerate The Hobbit trilogy. I’m such a Lord of the Rings fan that I’ve read the Silmarillion four times and I’ve played almost every Lord of the Rings video game that’s ever been created.

When Amazon announced that it would be creating its own Lord of the Rings series, it made for the first time I ever didn’t want to consume some sort of LotR content.

Not only was this series being created by a woke company, this woke company effectively told me that this was going to be a bad series. I’ve yet to see too much about story focus, character developments, or care to Tolkien’s vision and far more about how this series will check boxes and focus on “diversity.”

The media is all too ready to focus on this fact as well. They complain about Tolkien’s creation not being diverse enough and how the new Amazon series will effectively correct this as if Tolkien had made a mistake.

Digital Spy interviewed Sir Lenny Henry, a legend in the UK, about his upcoming role as a hobbit, where he put emphasis on the fact that his race will be a factor.

“I’m a Harfoot, because JRR Tolkien – who was also from Birmingham – suddenly there were Black hobbits. I’m a Black hobbit, it’s brilliant,” said Henry.

The Hollywood Reporter highlighted a complaint from Mortal Kombat actor Ludi Lin about a lack of Asian actors in the upcoming Amazon series. Lin isn’t even in the series, but for some reason, the Reporter felt this was necessary to cover anyway.

Here’s the kicker. My issue isn’t with diversity in the characters, though I do think things have been taken way too far in many cases. I talk more about that in the article linked below.

(READ: The Race Swapping in Popular Media Is Getting Ridiculous and the Reasons for It Are Insulting)

As I wrote in that article, the reason this race swapping is such a problem in cases like Lord of the Rings is that that’s what the show is becoming about. Not a good story, but how that story can assist with modern political trends.

Tolkien’s stories are far more in-depth than The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings. The Silmarillion covers the events of the creation of Middle-Earth all the way up to the third age when the Lord of the Rings takes place. The new Amazon series is set to focus on the Second Age where so many fascinating and entrancing stories took place that it makes the original trilogy of books look tame in comparison. Magic was more prominent, heroes were grander, and the enemies were far more threatening and terrifying.

This is mystical Middle-Earth at its peak and you understand that by the end of the third age, Middle-Earth was actually a world in decline in terms of awe and wonder.

There’s so much to chew on here and so many incredible spectacles and stories to witness…and all of it was put into the hands of a corporation who is more concerned about viewing this through the lens of modern politics than the lens Tolkien had imagined it to be.

They want, instead, to use Tolkien’s world as a way to thump their own chest and proclaim for all the world to see that they are the wokest of the woke and they’re willing to politicize one of the greatest works in human history in order to show it. That’s how woke they are.

It’s heartbreaking.

I’m going to give this show a chance but I won’t expect much. If it falls short then I’ll do what I think everyone else should do and walk away from it, and allow the clearly massive and expensive undertaking to flop. Amazon should be forced to suffer the loss and learn that there are just some things you don’t disrespect.

It’s not even necessarily a disrespect of Tolkien’s work that I’m talking about. It’s a disrespect of things we love in general. It’s disrespect of us that we won’t tolerate.


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