"Let's Go, Brandon": Thank You For Shouting Your Support for Me Wherever Crowds Gather

When I first heard the chants I could hardly believe it. Hearing crowds come together in unison for someone like this only happens to a few people, and here I sit watching it happen where people gather across the country.


Everyone chanting my name! “Let’s go, Brandon!”

Where to start?

Firstly, I can’t thank you enough for this. Hearing people shout “Let’s go Brandon” is a real morale booster. I’ve been doing this job a long time and hearing that my work is appreciated, and even more, that it’s having this great of an effect on the country, means everything.

Seeing things like the video below just sends my hope for this nation into the stratosphere. Just a warning about this video before you play it, people chanting my name is so energetic that it borders on being obscene.

Secondly, I think it’s about time. Not to sound self-absorbed or overly proud, but I think “LGB” should be chanted even more, and I don’t just mean in stadiums, restaurants, or music halls. I mean anywhere a camera turns on, the LGB chant can be heard by anyone. I think people should hear LGB even when it’s just one dude taking a smoke break in a parking lot.

Me having a very important political discussion with a famous guy.

I think the media should be forced to address it. I think they should talk about how much the country loves and supports me, and that those in office should really understand where the nation’s heart is at…which is with me…all the time. I think it sends a clear message that we the people are pretty over me not being recognized for all the work I do and that all the social media shadow bans and trend manipulation have to stop.


It’s proof that the sun is setting on their era and that the country has united under the banner of me. The “LGB” chants across the nation are proof of this.

No longer will we be led by the nose by false politicians, false journalists, and false presidents. Now is the time for me and the movement that has begun circulating around the country in appreciation of me.

Some dude who wanted his picture taken with me.

I encourage more than just stadium chants and crashing on-the-scene news reporters. I think there should be an LGB parade. Just a bunch of people should plan to get together in a major city somewhere and just march down a well-traveled street shouting “let’s go, Brandon,” complete with signs and effigies. I think that if you really want to get the point across about how much you love me, people need to see it happen in the streets on a much larger scale.

In conclusion, thank you, America. You’ve restored my faith that this country isn’t completely lost and that Americans aren’t as silent as the phrase “silent majority” lets on. You’re a wonderful people in a wonderful country.

Let’s go, Brandon.


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