CNN Proves It's Become Full-On Chinese Propaganda With Its Latest Report Out of the Communist Country

Ju Peng/Xinhua via AP

Well, now we know what the “C” in CNN stands for.

The network self-described as “the most trusted name in news” has bowed so low to China that even when something bad happens there, they immediately attempt to put the spotlight on America’s issues while defending the communist country.


On Monday, CNN reported on a shooting that occurred in Wuhan, China, making sure to highlight that everyone was very surprised that it happened since China has some of the strictest gun control laws in the world. In fact, it was so shocking that apparently when it was first reported, they thought the report was about another American shooting according to CNN.

“The fatal shooting shocked many in China, which has some of the world’s strictest gun control laws — so much so, that some people thought initial reports were about yet another American shooting,” read the article.

CNN compared the U.S. and China on their respective views on gun rights, with the U.S. vehemently defending its right to bear arms and China being the total opposite. It effectively then bragged on China having a few dozen gun crimes a year despite having 1.4 billion people living within its borders with those gun crime numbers falling to their lowest level in 2020. Then it proceeded to finger-wag at the United States.

“Meanwhile, the US reports hundreds of mass shootings with four or more victims every year, with more than 475 such incidents recorded so far in 2021 — not to mention many more gun deaths like suicides,” reported CNN.


How did China achieve such peace? CNN makes it clear that it took a total power seizure by China’s communist party.

“By 1996, a national gun control law had been promulgated by the National People’s Congress, China’s rubber-stamp legislature,” reported CNN. “Under the law, only a few groups of people are allowed to own guns, including law enforcement, security personnel, government-approved sports shooters and government-approved hunters. The Communist Party’s grip has only grown tighter under President Xi Jinping.”

One can’t help but get the feeling that CNN’s complementary nature toward the communist regime is a bit too much, especially when it’s tut-tutting America’s freedoms in the same article. More egregious is the fact that CNN’s kindness toward China even exists when you weigh the fact that it’s one of the most oppressive countries on the planet that, for one, is responsible for the virus they fear so much and they have concentration camps full of Muslims.

But this is nothing new. CNN has a habit of being borderline reverent toward China, even going so far as to effectively celebrate the Chinese Communist Party’s 100th year of iron-fisted rule over its country. As Colorado’s Rep. Ken Buck tweeted to CNN, celebrating the CCP is celebrating genocide and war crimes.


Yet, regardless of all this, CNN continues to hold China up as an example that the United States should follow and if this is what CNN considers good, then perhaps what they consider bad is the better path.

(h/t: DailyWire)


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