I've Got Good News and I've Got Bad News About That California Antifa Teacher

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

The power of the parent is becoming realized as of late. I’ve been saying repeatedly that getting involved and showing up to institutions, exerting pressure, and taking over is the best and most effective way to combat the left’s attempts at a cultural undermining and subsequent domination. At least, for now, the parents have been showing how easily Americans can retake this country just by presenting themselves as a threat.

At least once or twice a month, a story is seen of an angry father or mother standing up and giving a school board a piece of their mind after it’s discovered that it has allowed extremists to come into their child’s school and begin the indoctrination process. The pages of RedState are filled to the brim with amazing speeches and activism on the local level, and whenever the parents rise up, the extremist left shrinks.

Case in point, the recent sting on the Antifa activist who admitted to Project Veritas that he scares and guilts his students into becoming good little communists ended with parents showing up and demanding his figurative head. According to reports, the school hardly put up a fight against the onslaught of angry parents, and the Antifa teacher, Gabriel Gipe, will be losing his job.

There are other stories just like this. Just before Gipe was exposed, another teacher ditched the American flag in her classroom and had her students saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the LGBT flag. According to the Daily Mail, she’s now been placed on administrative leave and the matter is being investigated by the school.

As I said, this is great news. It shows this culture war is winnable, and that even when they’re so entrenched that it seems impossible to get them out, all we have to do is show up, be persistent, be forceful, and they fold.

Here’s the bad news.

I wish I could tell you that this is going to teach the hard left that they don’t stand a chance and that all their efforts will be for naught. I wish I could tell you that they’ll just pack up and move to a country where their ideological nonsense would be more welcome. I wish I could tell you that they’d see this and know that the American spirit is unconquerable and that their morally repugnant systems won’t ever take root here. I wish I could tell you all that, but I can’t.

The thing about communists and hard-left activists is that they know they’d lose this ideological fight in the public square. Out in the open where their ideas can be challenged, weighed, measured, and debated, they know their ideas begin to collapse and crumble. This is why they don’t fight out in the open, or at least the smart ones don’t.

When your army is far fewer in number and your arms and ammunition is limited, you don’t engage in warfare head-on. You conduct guerilla warfare. Most of your fighting is done from hidden positions. You become an opportunist who waits until the enemy is at his most unaware or when conditions are the most advantageous. It’s imperative that your enemy never finds out where you’re located, and if you are found, you run, hide, wait, and regroup.

And this is where the bad news comes in. The communists and leftist extremists have suffered a loss. We found out where a few of them were hiding, and we’ve been rooting them out, but this is only going to teach them to stay low for a time. Soon, however, they’ll begin again.

Remember that Gipe told the Project Veritas undercover reporter that there were at least two other teachers at his school that agreed with him and were doing the same thing. Gipe is one of many; he just got caught, and it’s teaching them to alter their tactics in order to be more effective. We can see it already, as other members of Antifa — angry with Gipe — are making it clear that being far more clandestine is the way to go.

We’re doing great in rooting this evil out of our schools but don’t think we’re nearly done yet. We’re just getting started. This is a war, and it will continue in perpetuity. While that may sound exhausting, the easiest way to fight this war is to make sure local politics is watched like a hawk, whether it’s the mayor’s office or the school board.

This is a war that may never stop, but it’s easy to always be on the winning side if we simply show up and fight in our own backyards.


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