As the Afghanistan Crisis Spirals Out of Control, the Biden Administration Is Facing Another PR Nightmare

AP Photo/Rahmat Gul

The Biden administration was taken by complete surprise by the speed of the Taliban blitzkrieg across the country after Biden withdrew American forces almost overnight. What’s more, the polls are in, and when it comes to how people view the Biden administration’s handling of the crisis, the numbers couldn’t be more dismal.


As my colleague, Bonchie wrote, the disapproval numbers for how this is being handled are at 69.3 percent, but probably even more disturbing is the fact that 23.1 percent of Americans (undoubtedly Democrats) are in total approval of how it’s being handled.

But the Biden administration has another problem developing over the Afghanistan crisis, and it’s happening right at Biden’s doorstep. Afghan Americans are very, very upset at the turn of events and they’re showing up to the White House to express their disapproval.

According to Fox News, these Afghan Americans are protesting in front of the White House, making their anger and sadness completely clear:

One woman who spoke with Fox News broke down in tears.

“My family is there. All my people is there. They’re killing all my people,” she wept.

Many Afghan American women feared for the girls left to face the Taliban, which seized power in Afghanistan two weeks before the U.S. was set to complete its troop withdrawal, the AP reported.

“Our girls. The girls who are under 20 don’t know what life is like under Taliban. Their lives are all destroyed. They’re all destroyed,” two women who have family in Afghanistan told Fox News.

Afghan Americans also feared for their families who are unable to leave. Seven people have been killed Monday at Kabul International Airport as residents tried to flee the country amid the Taliban takeover. Video on social media shows people running, clinging on to planes as they depart.

“I have immediate family that’s living in Afghanistan right now. They shut down the airport nobody can fly out – they’re stuck there,” one woman told Fox News.


These protesters weren’t shy about pointing the finger either.

“We’re all incredibly disappointed in President Biden and the administration for pulling out all the troops from Afghanistan literally overnight,” a woman told Fox News.

Others remarked that Biden’s strategy wasn’t the only option and that something could have been done that allowed the Afghans more time to train, organize, and set up a more effective force:

“It’s all gone back. I feel like it was for nothing,” one woman told Fox News.

Another man agreed: “it’s back to where it was in 1994.”

Biden’s failure here is colossal, but this isn’t just going to be a black mark on the Biden administration, this will forever be a failure of America as a whole. The irresponsible nature with which Biden conducted the removal of American forces from the country was irresponsible and is resulting in numerous deaths and even more horrors that will become apparent very, very shortly. Afghan Americans who witness the destruction of their people and culture due to unreasonable extremists are right to be furious, especially with the Biden administration.



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