Rand Paul Gets It Right On Vaccine Mandates and COVID-19 Hysterics

Stefani Reynolds/The New York Times via AP, Pool

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has been front and center in the fight against COVID-19 hysterics and the people at the top who attempt to make it seem like the sky is falling. As talk begins to circulate about vaccine mandates, Paul stepped forward to try to spread calm where panic is being forcefully injected.


Paul joined Fox News Primetime and spoke with the co-founder of The Federalist, Ben Domenech where he spoke on these mandates as being incompatible with a free society and that the hysterics are likely doing more damage than the virus is at this point, especially for children who “scientists” now want to strap masks on and inject with unnecessary vaccines.

“There is no science to defend putting your kids in masks or parents wearing a mask. There’s no science whatsoever,” he said. “If there were, we would be wearing masks for years and years because for kids the death rate is about the same as the seasonal flu. It may be less than the seasonal flu.”

Paul also tackled the fear around the delta variant.

“Now they’re all freaking out right now about the delta variant,” Paul began. “One thing is in all likelihood true, it is more transmissible. Significantly more transmissible, but guess what. Every bit of evidence shows that it’s less deadly. Significantly less deadly.”

Paul pointed out that Public Health England published a study that found that vaccinated people under 50 years of age showed no deaths from the variant. For those who were unvaccinated and under 50 years of age, then the death rate was only 0.08 percent. Paul made it clear that this isn’t necessarily an argument for not getting vaccinated, but one for not getting “hysterical” about the variant now dominating the news.


Domenech also asked Paul for his thoughts on vaccine passports as being necessary to take part in normal society. Paul’s response was simple, logical, and a knock out of the park.

“Well, I’m against the mandates because I’m in a free society,” he said.

Paul said that he’s not anti-vaccine and even mocked an “idiot reporter” who came up to him asking him if he “still was.” He noted that one can be for the vaccine and freedom, but is against mandates, especially mandates that ignore the science, giving the example of a professor at George Mason University who is immune to the virus thanks to having had it, yet the University is trying to force him to get the vaccine against his own doctor’s orders.

“I think that’ll be an interesting lawsuit,” said Paul.

In a rational society, one should be able to make a decision based on the information given to you and you live by the benefits or consequences of the decision you made. However, Democrat leadership and leftist platforms are using fear and hysterics to push people toward everything from taking the vaccine to further lockdowns and even vaccine passports which would be required to live out everyday life.


One has to settle down and ask themselves if a decision based on fear is a good decision at all and what kind of plans those who would have you distance yourself from science and logic in the course of decision making have for you.

Know this. Senator Paul is correct. The Delta variant is far more transmissible but far less deadly as shown by the Public Health England study. Vaccinations do seem to help, but it’s not guaranteed that the vaccine will protect you from it. Get the vaccine or don’t based on your own sound reasoning, but don’t give in to the hysterics around the delta variant.

This is still a free society. Do as you will.


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