White House Pushes Video of Fauci and a Pop Starlet Reading Tweets and It's Bombing

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One of the actually funny bits that Jimmy Kimmel does is have celebrities read out mean tweets directed at them. Now take that concept, take out the mean tweets part, and then insert Dr. Anthony Fauci and pop-starlet Olivia Rodrigo reading tweets about them…but then also about getting the vaccine.


Does that sound like a really stupid YouTube video to you? You’re in good company because the vast majority of viewers seem to think so too.

While Rodrigo is currently skyrocketing to the height of fame with her Avril Lavigne/Paramore-inspired hit “good 4 u,” Fauci is getting manhandled in hearings by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul over his blatant lies about his NIH lab funding gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, now suspected of leaking the original COVID virus.

It’s not a good look for Fauci, but to tell the truth, the White House isn’t doing him any favors with videos like these. In the video, Fauci and Rodrigo read various tweets about them and the vaccine that are cringe-worthy, to say the least.

For instance, Rodrigo reads out a tweet about her that says “Olivia RodriGO to the vaccine clinic.” Meanwhile, Fauci reads one about how someone lit a Fauci prayer candle and now everyone in the home was vaccinated.

At one point, Fauci reads a tweet that said “Happy man crush Monday to this hero. Thank you, Dr. Fauci for all the hard work you do. We appreciate your intelligence, honest, bravery, and compassion. We love you” followed by the hashtag #FauciHero.

Here’s the video if you can stomach it.

The White House turned the comments off, but not the rating system. As of this writing, the video currently has 1.5k in upvotes and 10k in downvotes at over 81,000 views.


It’s clear that people that are seeing this video are seeing through it, and while this isn’t much of a commentary on Rodrigo, it definitely is about Fauci. It’s insulting to see this man attempt to push anything on the people while his name and character are taking a beating with every lie he tells and Paul uncovers.

It’s also something of a commentary about how the White House views us. To think we’d be sold on the vaccine because Rodrigo and Fauci are reading benign, corny tweets about THEM tells us that the White House has the same mentality Hollywood has. They believe that if a celebrity tells us to do it, we’ll automatically be on board. Again, this is happening in the face of Fauci’s world falling apart around him. All of it is, frankly, insulting.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the video is receiving the disapproval that it is. Fauci and the White House has fallen out of favor with the people, and while one little YouTube video doesn’t completely prove that, it’s a good indicator on what we’re sick of; lazy pandering by proven liars that insult our intelligence.



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