Media Furious with DeSantis for "Downplaying" COVID Spike but Simple Logic is on His Side

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If you were to ask our media, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is putting everyone’s lives in danger and downplaying the recent spike of the COVID-19 virus, but DeSantis isn’t worried and he has a very logical reason not to be.


But since when does the mainstream media enjoy logic?

According to The Hill, DeSantis is “downplaying” the recent COVID spike in Florida thanks to the “Delta variant.” The Hill described Florida as the “epicenter” of the surge, saying one in five cases originate from the state.

DeSantis isn’t worried, though, and the simple reason he gave is that we’ve seen this before. COVID-19 is a seasonal virus that should begin to go down again by the end of August.

“It’s a seasonal virus and this is the seasonal pattern it follows in the Sun Belt states,” he said to reporters.

“These things have a pattern,” DeSantis said. “We saw the pattern last summer. It’s similar. I think it started a little later. I think people should just be prepared for that.”

DeSantis did say that they are seeing less hospitalization among the vaccinated, but that health experts and vaccine advocates are a large part of why many aren’t convincing more Floridians to get the shot.

“I do not agree with some of these people, some of these quote-unquote experts who lambast people and criticize them or say they’re stupid or something,” DeSantis said. “That’s not the way to reach folks, OK?”


It’s also worth noting that the Delta variant is far less a cause for concern than the Alpha strain was. While it’s definitely more contagious (explaining the faster infection rate) the virus tends to have far milder effects resulting in fewer hospitalizations or deaths.

As the New York Post reported, the seven-day average was higher but hospitalizations only made up a very small fraction of that number. The same could be said for Israel:

The seven-day average of new UK cases is above 25,000, the highest since late January, when the weekly average had just dropped from a peak of 50,000. But only 2,000 COVID cases are hospitalized, vs. nearly 40,000 in January. Daily deaths average under 20, vs. more than 1,000 in January.

Similarly: Israel, despite a spike in Delta cases, is seeing deaths in the single digits over the last month.

In other words, Delta looks to be less lethal than previous variants, despite media scare stories.

The Delta variant has caused a 10 percent rise in the daily cases within the United States last month but hospital admissions have dropped despite it according to the NYPost.


So we have fewer deaths, fewer hospitalizations, and a pattern that shows us when the virus will reach its zenith in infections and when it will drop. It’s likely that we’ll see a higher infection rate due to the Delta variant’s transmission ability, but it will be a shrug-worthy event if the other countries who have already gone through it are any indication. Not to mention the fact that vaccinations will make it even less consequential.

With all that in mind, we can conclude that, once again, the media is attempting to sell you the idea that the sky is falling when it’s not. Numbers and patterns don’t like, but the media sure does.


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