The Democrat Party: The Republican Creation Machine

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Former President Ronald Reagan famously said that he didn’t leave the Democrat party, it left him. It’s a phrase you can truly appreciate today as the Democrat party and its mainstream media propagandists become more and more extreme today.

A lot of Democrats seem to be living Reagan’s moment themselves, and according to a Fox News report, the once purple state of Florida may find itself freshly coated red thanks in no small part to the fact that Democrats have been relatively quiet about Cuba, and if not quiet, then their responses have been carefully measured and completely lacking in criticism of socialism or communism:

Democrats lost two House seats in southern Florida last year, one held by Mucarsel-Powell. Rep. Carlos Gimenez, R-Fla., toppled Mucarsel-Powell. Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar, R-Fla., unseated former Rep. Donna Shalala, D-Fla.

That’s because partly Cuban-American voters thought Democrats were squishy on socialism. And, the views of progressives in Congress overshadow mainstream voices in the party.

“It fits into the Republican overall message, especially in Florida, but across the country, that the Democratic Party has been co-opted by these socialist lawmakers,” said Kraushaar. Progressives “overshadow the silent majority of more moderate Democrats who don’t share their views on foreign policy. Certainly not on Cuba. So that’s the political challenge.”

Other problems haunt Democrats. Their equally squishy response to the border has been the straw that broke the camel’s back, causing law enforcement officials to withdraw from the Democrat party and join the Republican party.

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The problem has gotten so bad that a Republican was elected in the middle of a Democrat stronghold, bringing with it tidings of things to come as my colleague Nick Arama reported back in early June:

Now there’s more evidence of Republican policies pulling more Hispanic voters to the GOP, with some great news late Saturday out of Texas.

Republican Javier Villalobos just won the election for mayor of McAllen, Texas in a big surprise. He’s a GOP county chair.

Villalobos defeated Veronica Whitacre — in a close race — in a city that is 85% Hispanic. McAllen is in Hidalgo County, which went to Joe Biden by 17 points. So, that’s a big thing.

One has to wonder if, in this border community, more people were rejecting the Democrats because of the failure of Joe Biden to do anything to deal with the crisis there, and the harm and stress it’s putting on those towns.

As we progress through the Biden presidency, some things are becoming clear. For one, Biden doesn’t have a handle on the nation or his own presidency. The stock market is tumbling, inflation is rising, and crime is off the charts. It’s clear that people are beginning to have buyers remorse when it comes to electing Democrats, and they should.

This is a dark time for the nation and we can trace a lot of the issues back to day one decisions made by Democrats when they achieved power, the legitimacy of which is being questioned more and more every day.

Moreover, as these problems continue to worsen, the Democrats only seem to be concerned with the push for “voting rights,” which aren’t even under threat at all.

It seems people are migrating to the Republican party, and many of them aren’t even white. It’s clear that the Democrats have no intention of being a party for the people anymore, and they’re about to pay for it when we arrive at the midterms.

Perhaps, by the time those rolled around, they’ll have stopped talking about Trump two years after he’s been gone from office…but I doubt it.


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