The Woke Created a Monster and Now They Have to Reap What They Sowed

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The thing about reality is that it has some pretty hard and fast rules, and that pretending these rules don’t exist and forcing others to accept the fantasy as reality means that pretty much all fantasies are on the table to be considered as reality.

If that metaphysical philosophizing was a bit much, then let me break it down.

For years now we’ve sat and watched as transgender activists and their “allies” screamed from the summit of Mt. Bulls**t that trans women were women. Full stop. Accepting this reality was mandatory and that so much as hinting that they weren’t women would mean ridicule and cancellation.

The reality is that trans women are men. Full stop.

How one treats a transgender individual varies from person to person, but at the end of the day, there is no amount of belief in the fantastical that can suddenly make a man capable of becoming pregnant or fully alter his chromosomes and the bodily defaults that come with it. Chopping your penis off and tucking it into your body doesn’t make it a vagina. It suddenly doesn’t give your body ovaries. All you have is a mutilated penis.

Still, these basic facts don’t stop these trans-activists from declaring their fantasy to be reality. In full view of biological law, they continue to proclaim that our species is capable of transitioning from male to female, or that gender is fluid, etc., etc…

However, despite this piece of fantasy being wholly reality to them, even they declare that some hard and fast lines of reality can’t be crossed. One can suddenly become a different gender, sure, but a different race? Now that’s way over the rainbow. “Those people are nuts” they say as they chop off their own.

Case in point, one influencer had decided that he had been trapped in a false body for years. Now, he’s Korean.

Oli London is white, but identified as Korean, presumably off of his insane love of K-Pop, specifically K-Pop star Park Jimin from the K-Pop band BTS. After 18 surgeries, London (now claiming to go by the name Jimin) uploaded a video expressing his joy that he’s transitioned from white to Korean.

“Hey, guys! I’m finally Korean. I’ve transitioned,” said London in the video. “I have the eyes, just had a brow lift as well. I’ve been trapped in the wrong body for eight years and that’s the worst feeling in the world when you’re trapped and you don’t feel that you can be yourself. But finally, I’m Korean-I can be myself. And I’m so, so happy.”

The responses to London are pretty negative across the board, but while most people are just expressing their feelings on the obvious stupidity being displayed here, no one is angrier than the woke. As Jeremy from The Quartering points out, the left is furious that someone could possibly think they can just transition from one race to another, it’s ludicrous!

Oh, but is it?

If the complaint is that people can’t just transition into something they’re not because they haven’t earned the right to do so, then why do men think it’s okay for them to transition into women without having grown up as one? If men feel like they’ve been women all along, then how come London can’t feel like he’s been Korean all along?

It would appear that the transgender community wants exclusive rights to the reality stone. They want to make the rules about what kind of fantasies can be considered reality, but the truth is that when they opened the door for identity to become as malleable as playdough, they also taught everyone else that they too can make reality be whatever they want. London isn’t the first to do it with race (he follows in the proud footsteps of Rachel Dolezal and Elizabeth Warren) and he won’t be the last.

Moreover, one has to wonder what’s next in this malleable world of identity. Soon, identifying as an animal will become a much larger thing than it is and if that sounds too fringe, remember that once transgenderism was considered a fringe belief you could really only find popular on Tumblr not a decade ago. It’s a horrid thought to think about what kind of sexuality that will bring about and what they’ll try to pardon under that banner.

The same can be said about age identity, and who knows? Maybe people really will start identifying as attack choppers.

The door is wide open now and the transgender community is the one that opened it. The woke encouraged it, fostered it, and made it mainstream, but while they thought it was just the transgender movement, what it really was was a complete breakdown of the way we treat reality.

But without adherence to reality, there are no rules. People can make up whatever ridiculous thing they want and say it’s real and by the current rules of mainstream society, these whims must be obeyed as if they were holy writ.

The woke made this bed, now they can sleep in it. As for me? I’ll keep reality firmly in view, thanks.


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