Video Shows Why Texas Does It Better Than Blue States On Crime

Screenshot taken from video embedded in article.

Crime is no laughing matter, especially if you live in a Democrat-led city where the chances that you’re going to be assaulted, robbed, carjacked, raped, or murdered is unusually high. Democrats either don’t want to acknowledge the reason or in the event that they get close to acknowledging it, wholly blame the issue on something other than their policies.


Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is the poster child of this. She seems to believe that her city’s disgusting murder rate is the fault of her Republican neighbors. Meanwhile, her Republican neighbors are doing just fine.

The key issue is the lack of gun control, according to Democrats. As Nick Arama covered on Wednesday, President Joe Biden took a moment to talk about how a lot of our nation’s crime problems stem from America’s right to bear arms. It was a speech littered with already debunked narratives and flat-out lies, including the lie that the highest crime rates DON’T happen in Democrat-controlled cities.

Not so much.

It’s basic cause and effect. These cities come down hard on gun ownership, making it difficult to nearly impossible to get a hold of a firearm in any legal capacity. For some reason, the left views the average citizen as the problem and thinks stripping them of the best means to defend themselves is the fastest track to lowering gun crime.

It’s clearly not working and hasn’t been working for decades.


No city is crime-free, but other cities are doing far better, and wouldn’t you know it, they’re doing far better thanks to the fact that it doesn’t infantilize and disarm its own citizens. Case in point, here’s a fun video that emerged from Dallas, Texas, where a man attempted to carjack someone but suddenly found out that his intended victim was, in fact, Texan.

Notice the government doesn’t show up till the end of the video, and that’s because the government can only do so much to prevent crime. In the heat of the moment, it’s the citizen that is the citizen’s best defense, and the citizen in the video had the best means of defense on hand. The tables turned in an instant, and all the officer had to do was arrive and make an arrest while the law-abiding, gun-owning citizen went on his merry way.

How would this have played out in a city like Chicago?

Texas doesn’t shy away from gun ownership because it recognizes that law-abiding gun owners are the key to a peaceful society. The old adage that an armed society is a polite one is absolutely true, and while Texas isn’t perfectly safe from crime (it is a border state after all) its citizen’s ability to obtain and use firearms quickly makes it a safer place by default.


To be clear, the more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens the safer the area.

It’s hard to commit a crime when you have to weigh your life against its success. You’ll be far less likely to carry out a carjacking, assault, home invasion, rape, etc. if there’s a high probability that your victim can easily kill you. It’s pure logic that Democrats continue to ignore, but it’s hard to deny the evidence.



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