Biden's Threat of F-15's and Nuclear Bombs Isn't What Scares Me About His Anti-Gun Speech

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President Joe Biden’s anti-gun speech on Wednesday dripped with incoherence, absolute nonsense, and flat-out lies about our second amendment right but one moment, in particular, caught my attention.

It was the moment where he began mumbling about the blood of patriots watering the tree of liberty sandwiching Biden’s claim that in order to take on the federal government we’d need F-15’s and nuclear bombs.

To translate this from Bidenese, “I have these weapons and you don’t. You can’t defeat me.”

It scared me, but not in the way he probably wished it did. It scared me because the leader of our free world, and head of a nation with very powerful enemies, doesn’t know how war works. He thinks that American citizens can’t do much with the firearms we currently have sitting in our closets.

Why this is a very stupid thing for Biden to think was brilliantly explained by Townhall’s Kurt Schlichter in 2018 when the idea of a civil war was on people’s minds and the left was asking the right why it thinks they can fight back against the technological might of the United States government with nothing more than small arms.

Schlichter addressed the stupidity and short-sightedness of this thinking:

Democrats, who think history began when Obama was elected, don’t understand the dangerous game they are playing when they talk about how they want to impose their brown shirt vision upon red America. The keyboard commandos of the left seek to hand wave away the massive strategic challenge of imposing control by force upon a well-armed, decentralized citizenry occupying the vast majority of the territory, so they babble about drones and tanks as counterinsurgency trump cards. But there are no trump cards in war. There are men, with rifles, standing on patches of dirt, killing the people trying to push them off. That’s the ugly reality of war. And multiply the usual brutality of war by ten when it’s a civil war.

Schlichter points out two different scenarios. One, where the government turns on red state America and they’re forced to defend themselves, and the other where blue state America decides it wants civil war against the American Republic. The odds aren’t at all with the left in either scenario:

Let’s talk terrain and numbers. Remember the famous red v. blue voting map? There is a lot of red, and in the interior the few blue splotches are all cities like Las Vegas or Denver. That is a lot of territory for a counter-insurgent force to control, and this is critical. The red is where the food is grown, the oil pumped, and through which everything is transported. And that red space is filled with millions of American citizens with small arms, a fairly large percentage of whom have military training.

Already, Biden and Democrats are confronted with a very serious problem. F-15’s and nukes are out because those red-filled territories are where he gets his bread and electricity. In order to keep his war machine fueled and fed, he’d have to take over large swaths of red state America with military force, and he just doesn’t have those kinds of numbers. Even worse is that these areas feed the rest of America too. Biden interrupts the flow of this food and energy in any way and he’s got a massive problem on his hands with people rioting in the streets from lack of food and power.

It gets worse for Biden on the manpower front too as Schlichter points out:

There are a lot of civilian law enforcement officers, but the vast majority of the agencies are local – sheriffs, small town police departments. They will not be reliable allies in supporting unlawful oppression of their friends and neighbors. The major cities’ police departments are run by Democrat appointees, so the commands would be loyal. But the rank-and-file? A small percentage would be ideologically loyal. More would be loyal because that’s their paycheck – they could be swayed or intimidated to support the rebels. Others would be actively sympathetic to the insurgents. This is true of federal law enforcement agencies as well.

And the military? Well, wouldn’t the military just crush any resistance? Not so fast. The military would have the combat power to win any major engagement, but insurgents don’t get into major engagements with forces that have more combat power. They instead leverage their decentralized ability to strike at the counter-insurgents’ weak points to eliminate the government’s firepower advantage. In other words, hit and run, and no stand-up fights.

To sum this up, you’d have a lot of pissed off police officers and ex-military utilizing their knowledge of tactics and local terrain to conduct gorilla warfare. It’s hard to amble your tank down Mainstreet when supply lines were cut off for its fuel and ammo weeks ago by five guys with AR-15’s and some gasoline. There’d be a sniper behind every blade of grass and being exposed for more than a moment would likely result in a dead Biden soldier.

Then there’s an even further problem for Biden; the PR nightmare which Schlichter addresses as well:

Go level the nearest town? Great. Now they just moved the needle in favor of the insurgents among the population.

Schlichter goes on in even further detail, and you should definitely read the rest of his piece on the matter, but let’s stop with just the first layer of this sh** cake that Biden will be forced to eat should he use his F-15’s and nukes.

Just with these problems in mind, Biden already lost should he turn his WMDs on his own people. He’s lost his food and electricity, he lost a great chunk of his military which was already spars, to begin with, and he lost the support of the people.

The question we should be asking ourselves is “why doesn’t the commander in chief of our armed forces know this?” Moreover, why would a guy elected by the people believe it’s his place to threaten us in the first place? He works for us, not the other way around.

It’s just another sign that Democrats aren’t only foolishly ignorant, they’re wildly elitist.


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