"Most of the Protesters Were White": Native American Businesses See Their Pipeline Equipment Destroyed by Protesters

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The left has taken it upon itself to be the “protectors” of minorities, but what that really means is that it’s they who decide how minority communities function and run, even if it defies the wishes of the minority communities.


Case in point, Jane Fonda decided for the Native American community that building a pipeline on their land wasn’t something the Native Americans should do, and in the spirit of speaking for them, destroyed their equipment.

As reported by Fox News, the Gordon Construction company is owned by Natives and tasked with the construction of Line 3 from Candian energy firm Enbridge. With the Keystone XL Pipeline construction killed by the Biden administration, they now have time to target this new line.

And target it, they did. Fox reported that hundreds of protesters mobbed the construction site, smashing and vandalizing equipment. They even damaged safeguards intended to keep workers safe from erosion, and trap them underground.

According to contractor Matt Gordon, the people “protecting” Native American land weren’t even Native American. They were mostly white activists attempting to stop the building of a pipeline that would bring over 5,000 jobs to the Native-owned land and benefit other small businesses in the process.

“I’m a contractor for excavation and all of my equipment on site was vandalized,” Matt Gordon told Fox News. “For the most part, a majority of the people are for the pipeline. Everybody enjoys gasoline and plastic products. The opponents are shielding themselves with Native Americans. Most of the protesters were White. Line 3 has brought back millions of dollars to the reservations.”

After the June 8 attack on the site by “protesters,” Native American business leaders united with their tribes to push back in an joint letter.


“This not only created a hardship for our workers, it created additional challenges for our companies,” the letter read. “Protests that disrupt work, damage property, and threaten our employees while claiming to be on behalf of our Native people is creating additional tension and consequences within our tribal communities. They also intentionally create a false narrative that there is no Native American support for this project and the economic impacts and opportunities it brings to our people.”

The leader of the anti-Line 3 protests is, himself, Native American, but looking into his connections, you see that he’s a tool for hard-left, white voices according to Fox News:

Native American lawyer Tara Houska, a member of the Couchiching First Nation, has been the leader of the anti-Line 3 protests for seven years, according to The Washington Post. Houska, of International Falls, Minnesota, is a former adviser to Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. Celebrities Jane Fonda and Catherine Keener joined Houska in the June 7 march. She reportedly told the crowd to “protect the sacred” and oppose the pipeline, “For our daughters, for our sons, for the animals, for the water.”

If the left believes they are saving the environment by killing the pipeline, they’re gravely mistaken. The pipeline is a much cleaner, safer alternative as, if the oil isn’t going through the pipeline then it’s going through either rail or truck. Both truck and rail emit far more emissions into the ozone while transporting the oil, and on top of that, accidental spills from trucks aren’t uncommon.


This was even admitted by Biden’s “climate czar” John Kerry.

The pattern holds that if the left decides to speak up for you, they’re going to make your situation so much worse, and Native American land is is proof positive of this. Back in 2017, the Dakota Access pipeline saw a mass of protesters descend and camp on a piece of Native American land in an effort to “save the environment.”

In the end, what they really did, was create a trash-ridden, waste-filled transient camp that poisoned the ground. Volunteers who cleaned up the area after the protesters were forced out by police even found abandoned dogs and puppies at the camp.

Don’t let the left speak for your community, or better yet, don’t let them speak for your entire race. It won’t end well, and they will even try to physically harm you if you get in the way of them saving you.


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