Kamala Harris Wants to be Called "Leader," but Donald Trump Wants to Actually Lead

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

On Tuesday, I was struck by the news that former President Donald Trump planned to visit the Texas border with Gov. Greg Abbott in order to use his star power to shine a light on the issue facing our country from the south; an issue that the Biden administration mentions from time to time, but really does nothing about.


What struck me, in particular, was that Trump was going to beat Kamala Harris to the border, and he’s not even in charge of securing it, she is. In fact, it’s been almost 90 days since she was appointed to the task of securing the border and has yet to see it in person.

My colleague Sister Toldja wrote that Trump was expertly trolling the Harris and the Biden administration with this border plan. To be sure, she’s not wrong. Trump is accomplishing many things with this visit, among them is drawing attention to the fact that he’s not even president anymore and he’s doing more than the current administration is to help the situation.

It’s a good way to make a few points. One point is that the Biden administration isn’t concerned with helping border states as it has no desire to speak with leaders or view the issue themselves. The other thing it does is show that Trump is still in the picture and willing to do whatever is in his power to help, keeping him fresh in the mids of voters if (when) he decides he’s going to take another crack at the White House.


But beneath that are some things to consider. Harris is content to laugh and cackle at uncomfortable questions about the border, and when she’s not doing that, she’s coming up with bizarre responses about other places she hasn’t been, like Europe.

Meanwhile, Trump is willing to take the problem very seriously as was part of his legacy when he was behind the Resolute Desk.

It really puts the two people into perspective. Harris ran for office and often made sweeping declarations about how much power she’d wield in order to see her will be done, whether it was legal or not. Now that she’s in office, she’s doing…nothing. She makes press appearances, she gives speeches, she gladhands foreign leaders and powerful friends, but none of these things is actually accomplishing anything.


Trump ran and also made a lot of sweeping promises…and then accomplished a great many of them, including securing our southern border against a very real problem that was hurting everyone, including the immigrants wishing to come across.

The difference is striking. Kamala Harris wants to be in a leadership position but she doesn’t want to lead. She wants the accolades, the prestige, and her name in the history books, but she wants the title, not the job.

Donald Trump wanted the position, maybe because of all the same benefits, but it’s clear that when he got the job he was ready to do what was necessary to lead America into something better than what it was.


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