It'll Never Be Enough: California Climate Activists Travel Long Distances to Protest In Front of Pelosi's House

It'll Never Be Enough: California Climate Activists Travel Long Distances to Protest In Front of Pelosi's House

Every now and again the Democrats get snapped at by the very beast they created, and this time the beast was rather large and traveled a long way to make an example of California Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein.

The group, known as “Generation On Fire,” convinced over 100 people to travel 260 miles, march across the Golden Gate Bridge, and then appear in front of the homes of both Pelosi and Feinstein, all in order to demand more action on climate change.

Funny enough, the action they want taken is the passage of the “Green New Deal,” the infamous legislation from Pelosi’s biggest frienemy, New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“What do we want? A Green New Deal!” they chanted. “When do we want it? Now!”

Driving the point home, the protesters spread the ashes from California’s most destructive wildfire on Pelosi’s porch.

Feinstein didn’t get off any better. Gathering in front of her very posh home, they raise the question of how the California senator can have such lush greenery in front of her home during a drought according to San Francisco Chronicle.

The Hill reported that the group had many more actions already taken, and a few more planned:

The marchers also delivered dozens of letters from residents of Paradise to the lawmakers’ offices, Mother Jones reported.

Other Sunrise members marched along the Gulf Coast from New Orleans to Houston, amid hurricane season.

The organization will come together in Washington, D.C., on June 24 to protest outside of the White House.

The protest of the White House is over Biden’s jobs plan which is set to create a Civilian Climate Corps, but true to form for hard-left activists, it’s not enough. The Marxist-inspired legislation of the Green New Deal is what they want. They think Biden compromising in any way with Republicans is a capitulation to racists.

“Instead of prioritizing the rapid investment in jobs and justice we need, Biden is prioritizing appeasement and negotiations with the racist, anti-democratic Republican Party, and with every passing day, his plan becomes weaker, smaller, and fails to meet the challenges we face,” the group said online.

“Biden is wasting time attempting to work with Republican leaders on a bill, and could compromise on key climate and progressive priorities in the process.”

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