The One Aspect of CRT the Left Isn't Addressing

AP Photo/Markus Schreiber

The left operates on its own internal currency and it’s the one currency in the world where the more of it you have the less of a person you are…at least by intent.

Social justice rules the Democrats and it’s a kind of ideology that puts more value on victimhood than it does success, merit, or talent. In fact, the more you have of those three, the worse of a person you are in the eyes of social justice adherents. It’s from this ideological foundation that we get “critical race theory.”

Critical race theory is the idea that everything in our society boils down to one’s racial identity, and true to leftist form, they’ve created a boogie man who sits at the top and makes it just miserable for everyone else. The left has done a very good job of making this boogie man out to be white people, namely white males.

Who sits at the bottom changes from day to day, depending on what group best serves the Democrat’s agenda at the moment. Sometimes it’s Native Americans, sometimes it’s black people. There are hot moments where it’s actually those who came into the country illegally.

But no matter who gets swapped out, one thing is constant, and it’s the fact that this race is oppressed and incapable.

What kind of message does that send to those who belong to these racial groups? The one that’s necessary in order to keep division high and critical thinking low. As I wrote yesterday, keeping communities poor is the fastest way to make them believe what you want them to about their situation. If you show them people who look different than them constantly living better lives, it becomes far easier to convince them that the reason is that they are the ones keeping you down.

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But this comes with the idea that the race in question is incapable of doing something. Are black people incapable of making great lives for themselves, achieve middle-class status, or even great wealth? Absolutely not. America is full of black middle-class families with black individuals in high positions in various companies or as business owners themselves.

Capability isn’t even a question but it’s not something the left wants the black community to think about too much. On the question of capability, the answer should always be “no, not unless we help you.”

And therein lies one of the most racist parts about critical race theory, and indeed all of social justice.

Democrats are a lot like Wormtongue from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. He whispers lies into the ears of anyone he targets, and sometimes what he says may seem soothing and understanding but really they’re pure poison meant to make you doubt yourself and your own ability. Like the Democrats, he speaks for people, accusing those who resist his agenda of attempting to bring burdens and troubles upon the people he speaks for. Meanwhile, the person he’s poisoning believes what he says and grows as weak and incapable as he tells them they are.

Democrats pray on the black community in much the same fashion. They make it a habit of telling the black community that they’re put upon and can’t accomplish much without their help. The moment someone attempts to actually do what’s necessary to bring the black community out from under the thumb of the oppressive system the Democrats have pushed them into, the Democrats respond by saying they’re trying to make things hard for the black community because they’re racist.

CRT is an attempt at teaching the black community, specifically children, that they can’t do anything because it will automatically result in failure thanks to the American system. The only way they’ll get anywhere is if they lean heavily into whatever program the Democrats say they should, oddly enough, driving them further into a system that oppresses them.

This is an unbelievable amount of racism that no one is addressing. The left says it’s attempting to help out those who America considers second class, but in truth, it’s Democrats who continue to put them there. They continue to divide races against each other, making them even more incapable of working for a better future.

Telling someone of a certain race that they can’t function without them is racism. Period.

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