Pelosi's Latest Fundraising Email Attempts to Tell a Lie About Ted Cruz So Big You Can See It From Orbit

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Rep. Nancy Pelosi has a tendency for hyperbole and hasn’t shied away from saying whatever was necessary at the time to paint her opponents as evil and overwhelmingly dangerous. A typical elitist, Pelosi knows she’ll likely not see any blowback for her whoppers due to the job security she enjoys as one of California’s most powerful people.


But despite her power, she still needs to fundraise and in her latest email, she takes her lies to a whole new level. This time, she decided to tell one about one of the left’s most hated Republicans, Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

According to the National Review, Pelosi’s “PAC to the Future” emailed supporters accusing Cruz of voter suppression and, what’s more, he’s caught on tape doing it!

“BREAKING: Ted Cruz caught on tape admitting voter suppression” begins the communiqué, which goes on to assert that “Republicans are rushing hundreds of voter suppression measures to keep Democrats from EVER winning a historic upset like Georgia again.”

A smoking gun, you’d think. The only problem is that Pelosi’s PAC doesn’t provide a video. It doesn’t even provide a quote. It just makes the assertion that he’s doing it and that you should give the PAC money.

I hate to say this, but it’s actually going to work. She’s going to get money from this email.

The closest example of Cruz attempting to push “voter suppression” that National Review’s Isaac Schorr can think of is a phone call Cruz was on back in March where he warned that “H.R.1’s only objective is to ensure that Democrats can never again lose another election, that they will win and maintain control of the House of Representatives and the Senate and of the state legislatures for the next century.”


H.R.1 would allow the federal government to effectively take control of voting processes on the state level and micromanage how they’re run. With Democrats in control, they could push any state rules to lean in their favor, putting Democrats in power in perpetuity.

Yet, when Republicans or election experts sound the alarm about this very fact, Democrats immediately counter by saying the bill allows for greater ease of voting and that the right is engaged in voter suppression.

So not only is the claim a lie, it’s not even breaking. It was Cruz telling the truth about H.R.1 all the way back in March.

It’s highly unlikely that H.R.1 is going to pass thanks to Republicans standing in lockstep against it, as well as the complications presented by the filibuster in the Senate, as well as Democrats like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema wrecking Democrat agendas left and right, including this one.

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But there’s an even deeper falsehood to Pelosi’s claim according to Schorr who notes that Democrats aren’t actually aiming to pass the bill, they just want to use it as a way to create another Republican boogie man:

Republicans have increasingly speculated that Democrats are less interested in passing a federal elections bill than they are in using its blockage as a political tool ahead of the the 2022 midterms. Clearly, Pelosi and her team see H.R. 1 — and more broadly, the attempt to cast any GOP-passed bills in states such as GeorgiaFlorida, and Texas under the umbrella of “voter suppression” — as a powerful fundraising subject likely to entice Democratic voters to reach into their wallets.


Meaning that Pelosi’s PAC not only knows that they’re telling a lie about Cruz, but they’re also just telling that lie to promote a greater lie in order to get more money for their campaigns as the midterms loom.

It’s pure hyperbole and anyone with a lick of sense could see that, but hyperbole is Pelosi’s bread and butter. She has no problem telling you the sky is falling because a Republican is disagreeing with her and the trained seals that watch the networks that carry her message will agree without any critical thought attached.

In the end, it’s just about lying for more power.



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