Google Shows It Believes Anti-Semitism Isn't a Fireable Offense, but Conservative Thought Is

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Google is, yet again, showing where they stand on moral issues and who gets better treatment at the company based on who they will fire and who they won’t.


The most recent example comes from Google’s refusal to fire a man named Kamau Bobb. Bobb was head of diversity strategy at the company and was discovered recently that back in 2007 he wrote a post titled “If I Were a Jew” wherein he effectively laid out how Jewish people should view Israel’s conflicts with various people in the Middle East.

It wasn’t exactly kind as the Washington Free Beacon pointed out:

“If I were a Jew I would be concerned about my insatiable appetite for war and killing in defense of myself,” he wrote in a Nov. 30, 2007, post on his personal blog, where he was still actively publishing as recently as April 2021. “Self defense is undoubtedly an instinct, but I would be afraid of my increasing insensitivity to the suffering [of] others.” The blog features commentary from Bobb on a wide range of issues, including racial equality, U.S. politics, and education policy.

He wrote that the Jewish people’s suffering, including that of the Holocaust, should make them uneasy about attacking other nations or punishing them as a defensive measure:

“I don’t know how I would reconcile that identity with the behavior of fundamentalist Jewish extremists or of Israel as a nation. The details would confuse me. I wouldn’t understand those who suggest that bombing Lebanon, slaughtering Lebanese people and largely destroying Beirut in retaliation for the capture of a few soldiers is justified,” he wrote.

“I wouldn’t understand the notion of collective punishment, cutting off gas, electricity and water from residents in Gaza because they are attacking Israel who is fighting against them. It would be unconscionable to me to watch Israeli tanks donning the Star of David rumbling through Ramallah destroying buildings and breaking the glass,” he wrote.


Bobb doesn’t go too far into the details about the attacks Israel endures at the hands of its neighbors on a constant basis, and very few people who are anti-Israel do. The truth is if that the attacks stopped and the people would actually attempt to come together with Israel, the entire land would become enriched. Old prejudices die hard, however. Generations of promises to wipe the Jews out aren’t going to just disappear, and the left loves nothing more than to hate Judeo-Christian beliefs to boot.

This seems to be the top reason why that despite this post being out and available, Bobb is not being fired by Google. As asked when the news first broke, “How is the obscene, antisemitic bigot still employed there?”

Instead of firing him, Google is reassigning him to a STEM research role according to Business Insider. Google simply said it condemned the past writings and that they’re “unquestionably hurtful.” They added he apologized and will instead purely focus on STEM work.

I’m not going to completely slam a man for something he wrote years ago, and I do want to take his apology at face value.


“Let me first apologize. what I wrote crudely characterized the entire jewish community,” he wrote to the Jewgler, a resource group within the company. “what was intended as a critique of particular military action fed into antisemitic tropes and prejudice. i think we can all agree, there is no easy solution to this situation. but that’s beside the point. the way I expressed my views on that conflict were hurtful.”

Fine. People write stuff they later see is stupid years later all the time, and I don’t want to feed the cancel culture beast by demanding his head for something he apologized for. In fact, I think it’s more of a slam on Google for not vetting this guy beforehand…or they did and just didn’t care.

But let me slam Google a little bit more. What Bobb wrote was absolutely disgusting, but they’ve fired people in the past for far less.

You may have forgotten, but back in 2017, Google fired a man named James Damore for writing a memo they considered to be unforgivable. Damore’s point? That men and women were different, and that those differences contribute to differing choices at the workplace. Further, Damore dared to point out Google’s ideological echo chamber as reported by Fox News:

“I’m simply stating that the distribution of preferences and abilities of men and women differ in part due to biological causes and that these differences may explain why we don’t see equal representation of women in tech and leadership,” he wrote, adding that those differences include assertions that women tended to be more social and artistic thus could not take high-pressure jobs, along with possessing traits such as neuroticism, higher anxiety and a lower tolerance to stress.


Damore launched a lawsuit against Google that highlighted its culture of ideological exclusion and favoritism based on race and gender, a claim that was later found to be true, proving Damore correct. Google was actually paying women more than men for the same job.

Damore’s crime was pointing out the obvious and true, if not inconvenient to the mainstream narrative. Bobb’s apparent non-crime was accusing an entire race of people of being viscious warmongers.

Google seems to have a very upside-down view on what you can fire people for. State science and you’ll be fired. Be racist against the rite people and you’ll just be relocated to a different part of it.


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