Men and Women Aren't the Same and It's Becoming Violently Clear

Men and Women Aren't the Same and It's Becoming Violently Clear
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Feminists make a huge deal about equality but they don’t really want equality. What they want is superiority and dominance over the culture. This means not just attacking masculinity and men in general, but also shoving aside femininity too.

At some point, the feminist message that women are strong, powerful, invincible goddesses that can do no wrong seeped into the general public and women everywhere began abandoning the soft, demure, and motherly aspects of their gender in order to embrace the “be fierce and slay all day” lifestyle that includes working within the corporate world and pushing off or abandoning the prospect of having children and making a home.

And fine. If that’s what many women feel they want to do then that’s their choice. Personally, I see nothing wrong with that. They’re free Americans after all, and everyone should be free to pursue their dreams and interests. I would just warn women to make sure that it’s what they actually are interested in, and not doing it because society told them it’s what they want.

But with all this “equality” a side-effect has seeped into the female brain and I’m seeing it demonstrated more and more in our internet-soaked world, and it’s becoming a problem.

Now, many women seem to believe that they can become physically violent with men.

I seem to see a new video almost every day of a woman throwing fists at a man, many of whom just sit and take it. However, more and more, I’m seeing videos of men who strike back, and if I’m being honest, more and more I can’t blame them and I don’t think they’re wrong to do so.

Ever since I was little, I was told that, as a boy, there was never any reason to hit a girl. I was told I was much stronger and that it was my duty to make sure girls were protected, never harmed. I still believe that to this day, but modern culture has proven the people who taught me that women should never see violence done against them completely wrong.

I don’t think they accounted for the fact that modern culture would teach these women that their “equality” would lead to a sense of entitlement. Women, too, were taught that they should never be hit and that any man who did lay a hand on them was wrong no matter what the reason. Combine that with the fact that society teaches them that they’re infallible and wonderful and you produce adult brats, mainly young women, who lash out when they don’t get what they want.

Next thing you know, these women are seen on TikTok, YouTube, and more being secretly recorded becoming violent with their significant others, strangers, or family members.

For a time, these adult brats were proven right. Men would sit and allow themselves to be battered and beaten by women. They will attempt to walk away, ask them to stop, or scare them into stopping, but they don’t. They gang up on men and begin kicking and hitting. Men, knowing they’ll face grave consequences if they hit back, do nothing…until they can’t anymore.

Next thing you know, men throw punches and girls get knocked to the ground. Instantly the tears start as they lay on the ground clutching wherever they were hit, shocked, confounded, and afraid. They seem utterly flabbergasted about how this could have happened.

On Twitter, a video came across my feed that perfectly sums up what I’m saying here. The video contains three black women becoming violent with a man who is in his car. The women can be seen throwing their fists into the car at him, standing at his door so that he can’t escape. Soon, a muscular black man enters the scene and clubs two of the women with his fists, throwing the second one from the vehicle and to the ground. The third seems to go down to the ground on her own, unwilling to fight back with a man who can and will actually fight.

Our society has refused to teach women not to become violent, and it’s especially neglected to tell them why. Men are stronger, faster, and tougher than women as a general rule. When it comes down to violence, especially at the moment, no amount of political correctness will change that fact. Modern society doesn’t want to tell women they’re weaker than men by any measure, but they are, and it’s better that they understand that reality before they find out the hard way after a bad decision.

To be clear, I still abhor violence against women, but women are increasingly giving men reasons to defend themselves against them physically.

If women are going to claim they’re just like men and can do anything they can do and better then they’re going to be shocked when that delusion leads them into territory where biology and nature say differently. I’d rather it not get that far. In fact, most men wouldn’t. We don’t want to hit women.

Society should begin teaching women that violence isn’t okay again, but in order to do that, it needs to be honest as to why and that’s a conversation mainstream society isn’t ready to have unless it’s in a courtroom. If that pattern holds, we can expect a lot more women bleeding on the ground from starting fights they couldn’t win, or worse.


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