Dear LGBT Community, You're Being Used as a Cash Grab by Mainstream Figures

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I hate to break it to the LGBT community, but mainstream society’s sudden shift into getting on board with everything you’ve ever wanted isn’t because they care about you or your cause. It’s because it’s the shortest distance between them and success.


I get it. For a long time, you were the societal rejects that mainstream culture not only turned their back on but actively worked against for decades. It wasn’t until recently that your lifestyle became cool. President Barack Obama declared marriage was between a man and a woman and then “evolved” one day to carry the narrative the LGBT community had for some time. Actually, most Democrats did that very thing.

Why? Because it became politically viable to do so.

Now you have politicians putting their pronouns in their bios and marching at pride parades as if they were in the fight all along. You even see them doing this cringy stuff.

Nothing like seeing a wild pander bear in its unnatural habitat.

Everyone is now in on the LGBT cause including celebrities who are always on the cutting edge of new movements. Miley Cyrus decided one day she was “gender fluid.” Rose McGowan, Ruby Rose, and Sam Smith all said they were non-binary. Elliot Page one day announced she was actually a dude, and on Wednesday Demi Lovato decided that she too was nonbinary and “proud.”

Maybe you don’t see it, maybe you do and you don’t care, but they all remind me of the video above. A person shouting trendy slogans in a clearly artificial way in order to get in on a trend for self-gain.

Looking at history, even recent history, this tells us a few things that many of you in the LGBT community may not want to hear.


For one, you’re hot now but at some point, you won’t be. The LGBT movement is a trend that, like all trends, will stop being one at a future point in time.

It’ll likely happen like this. At some point, the kids will stop identifying as “trans” or “non-binary” or what have you, and move on to being something else that scratches their itch for dynamism. Identifying as different sexualities, genders, or what have you will be old hat. Even if the activists succeed and being a letter in the LGBT+ category becomes the norm, then it will become just that; normal. It won’t sell as a counter-culture anymore and the kids will find it something to shrug at.

Once that happens, politicians, corporations, and celebrities will stop being concerned about it too. The target demographic has moved on and those who profit from it will have to move with them in order to profit. The question is whether or not the new trend will be friendly to the LGBT cause or not.

It wasn’t that long ago that Judeo-Christian values were kept in mind for every decision a politician or company made. Again, think back to Democrats like Obama carrying the “belief” that marriage was between a man and a woman in the recent past. Now, mainstream society actively flaunts anti-Christian behavior as a selling point. Rejecting the values of those “fundies” is a great way to get attention and appreciation from taste-makers and influencers. You’re more likely to get a deal with a major corporation if you echo the trendy phrases and adopt the trendy lifestyles, and reject the things that “excluded” people in the past.


There’s nothing written in stone that said the LGBT movement and all its values couldn’t suffer the same fate. In fact, I’m willing to bet that it will become a rejected lifestyle in some fashion within my lifetime. The odds are pretty stacked against it, not just because of its exclusivity against tradition and rejection of scientific facts in order to push its narratives, but because of the left’s insistence that anything under its umbrella must be an intersectional cause, and one of the things under its umbrella actively hates the LGBT community.

At some point, the left will have to choose between the LGBT community and Islam and I doubt it will choose you. The LGBT cause has money and power to attract mainstream societal figures be sure, but not enough to measure up against a political religion with thousands of years of building power, influence, and money behind it.

The point is, you probably shouldn’t be so quick to celebrate the people who suddenly up and decide they’re one of you. They aren’t. They’re using you as a trendy way to get attention which then results in cash. If tomorrow it suddenly became dangerous to their brand to identify as pro-LGBT in any way, they would abandon you post-haste and even denounce you in the open. They’d say they were lied to about the lifestyle and that they suffered far more under it than outside of it. Many will begin pointing at its leaders and divulging secrets about them that would make them look horrible to the public and the media will eat it up because it increases their ratings.


It may not seem like it now because the LGBT community seems to be riding so high. It may feel like this will last forever.

It won’t. Your movement, like all modern movements, is in the guillotine line with everyone else. Your turn is coming, it’s just a matter of when. When it does, don’t be surprised that the people who declared they were one of you yesterday demand your head tomorrow.


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