Dave Chappelle Nails Why Woke Culture Will Fail Using Elon Musk's SNL Appearance as Proof

If there’s one person who can see through the weaknesses of any given trend, it’s comedian Dave Chappelle. Combine that with the fact that he’s talking with the thought-provoking Joe Rogan and you’re destined for a great moment.


That great moment came in the form of analyzing woke culture, specifically why the woke got mad that tech/business savant Elon Musk was hosting Saturday Night Live. It was during this conversation that Chappelle and Rogan tackled the social problem with woke culture and why it would fail.

“No one is woke enough,” Rogan said.

“They don’t, they can’t appreciate the fact that you’re dealing with literally one of the most brilliant men that’s ever lived that’s gonna come do your show,” he added.

Chappelle couldn’t help but agree, but pointed out why woke culture is doomed to fail.

“Again like you say no one can be woke enough,” Chappelle said.

“I’m torn because I like a warrior for a good cause but I’m really into tactics,” he continued.

“You’re not gonna nag people into behaving in a way that’s – in fact, if you continue with this tone, even if you’re right, you’ll be very hard to hear,” said the comedian.

Chappelle’s insight here is gold. If there’s one thing the hard-left and social justice obsessed do is isolate and alienate everything and everyone they consider “problematic.” The trouble is that no one is perfect and so it’s easy to focus in on the flaws (or perceived flaws) of something and make that thing the entirety of the subject in question.


What’s more, the social justice left has a purity problem and since everyone and everything is flawed, that poses a problem for their own ranks. Even if you’re part of the cancel culture mob, eventually it will turn on you, too, due to the constantly shifting winds of politics and the constant oppression Olympics being conducted within the social justice community.

As Chappelle and Rogan state, no one is woke enough, and what’s more, the cancellations and mob tactics are so ridiculous that people are starting to tune out. Despite the fact that “wokeness” is still mainstream society’s hot ideology, fewer and fewer are actually signing on to it. Eventually, they will cancel themselves in their quest to cancel everything.

And the sooner the better.



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