Steven Crowder's Latest "Change My Mind" Shows How the Left Can't Accept That They're the Racists

Steven Crowder’s “Change My Mind” series can really show you how the left thinks about things, especially in terms of the hard-left. Given, many of the people he interacts with are willing to discuss, learn, and walk away amicably. Every now and again, he’ll get a hard-left loon with the emotional intelligence of a dump truck and equal common sense.

Both can be very interesting, but it’s the latter that gives us a real look into how the hard-left thinks, and they often appear to have a point of view that seems like it comes from within a fantasy world. The latest episode isn’t any different, and while this particular hard-leftist wasn’t screaming and cussing at Crowder, she was having a hard time wrapping her head around a simple idea…

…she’s the racist one.

As you can see in the video below, Crowder went to Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Texas to conduct a Change My Mind on whether or not Voter ID laws were racist. Crowder’s position is that they aren’t, the left’s position is that they are, and as usual, Crowder offered the left to try to change his mind. A woman sat down and the two engaged in conversation.

It soon became semi-heated when Crowder explained that statistically, leftist white women are the few people who actually think voter ID laws are racist because black people have difficulty obtaining IDs. Crowder explained that the black community, by and large, finds this point of view racist, because it’s the left effectively saying black people are less capable of doing things than white people.

The woman immediately denied that black people thought this was a racist concept and took offense to the fact that Crowder had singled out white leftist women as the group who thinks this. Crowder, however, had the numbers and the girl attempted to mount a defense…one that didn’t quite work too well.

“Why do you think 73 percent think you’re so wrong and yet your point of view is racist?” asked Crowder.

“They don’t think my point of view-” she tried to say.

“They think it’s racist,” Crowder said again. “They think it’s racist to assume they can’t get ID at the same rates as white people.”

The girl floundered for a moment then quickly stopped, saying she’s not going to get into it.

In the end, the girl said that she had no idea that people could apply online for an ID and that knowing that is valuable, and one can’t help but wonder why that isn’t common knowledge. To be fair, many of us don’t have to wonder why.

Just so we’re not throwing around numbers arbitrarily, Crowder’s site lined up the stats for you to see for yourself:

  • Majorities of whites (74%), blacks (73%), and other minorities (82%) say voters should be required to show photo identification before being allowed to vote. SOURCE: Rasmussen

  • 87% of black people have some form of confirmed photo ID. SOURCE: ProjectVote (pg. 3)

  • 90% of Latin Americans have a form of confirmed photo ID. SOURCE: ProjectVote (pg. 3)

  • Percentage of Americans who have ID vs. percentage who vote. SOURCE: CNN

    • 87% of black people have ID, only 13% voted in the 2020 Election.
    • 90% of Latin Americans have ID, only 13% voted in the 2020 Elections.
    • 95% of white people have ID, only 67% voted in 2020 Elections.
  • 97% of registered voters in Georgia have a valid ID. SOURCE: AJC

  • Voter ID laws have been shown to actually INCREASE turnout in states that recommend them, such as Georgia and Indiana. SOURCES: HeritageHeritage

    • Specifically in Georgia from 2004 to 2008, turnout increased

      • 140% among Hispanic/Latino voters

      • 42% among Black voters

      • Compared to 8% of Whites

If you’d like to see the entire “Change My Mind” episode, you can watch it here.