Here Are Some of the Things Democrats Think Are Infrastructure Now

Democrats have gotten into the habit of calling everything they like and every bill they want to pass “infrastructure” because calling it that makes the thing they’re talking about seem essential to the health and well-being of this nation.


Fun fact: It’s not.

Fox News has combed through some of the things we’ve been told are infrastructure by Democrats and compiled a list I’ll simplify for you below. Enjoy, because enjoyment is infrastructure.

  • affordable housing
  • police accountability
  • computer chips
  • climate action
  • Supreme Court expansion
  • paid leave
  • child care

And these are just things elected Democrats are saying. We’re not going to pay attention to the hoards of Twitter lunatics tweeting out things like “hormone therapy for gender transitioning is infrastructure.” The people who jokingly tweet out “your mom is infrastructure” are more grounded in reality.

First, let’s define infrastructure. According to Merriam-Webster, infrastructure is “the system of public works of a country, state, or region.”

Well, right off we can throw out police accountability, paid leave, climate action, child care, and Supreme Court expansion. Paid leave is up to the private business that employs the person taking paid leave. Handing money to people because they just decided to quit working for a while isn’t economically intelligent in the least. A lot of people would love to just sit around watching Netflix while a private company is forced by the government to pay for their third trip to Taco Bell that day. A company should be able to craft its own policies around paid leave. What’s more, the government shouldn’t be assisting in it either.


Police accountability isn’t infrastructure and Wisconsin Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes isn’t exactly elaborating on what he meant by that when he said it. I’m not sure even he knows what he meant when he said it. It was just a way to get cheap clout from the left.

Child care is up to the parent and the government getting involved in it has a horrific track record. Climate action has many different definitions and is hotly contested by every political-ideological faction. Finally, Supreme Court expansion is just a naked partisan power grab by Democrats.

None of these is infrastructure. It’s really just a Democrat wish list.

Computer chips may have something of an argument if these computer chips are being used in our actual infrastructure. In other words, if our computer systems make traffic lights work better, keep the trains going on time, help keep the water clean, and make the DMV lines quicker, then yeah. That can count as parts of our infrastructure that wouldn’t be a horrible thing to invest in. However, Biden, who talked about computer chips said “chips, like the one I have here — these chips, these wafers, are batteries, broadband; it’s all infrastructure. This is infrastructure,” and if anyone can translate what he means here, please email me.


My guess is that he’s talking about the long-called plan of making the internet a government-controlled public utility which no one should be comfortable with. Government controlling the flow of so much information is asking for censorship on a scale you couldn’t imagine.

That leaves affordable housing, which was proposed by Rep. Marilyn Strickland of Washington.

Strickland, along with Rep. Scott Peters of California, proposed to build “affordable housing” near transit systems to better be able to transport workers to their jobs as many live too far away from the cities they work in due to housing costs. They also plan to improve transit ways to better facilitate this.

Transit is definitely infrastructure and one of the big reasons we give up a chunk of change to the government every year. Good roads that are improved on as a city grows are essential.

Is affordable housing infrastructure? That’s the argument currently happening, but I’m going to fall into the “no” camp as the concept brings with it a lot of issues the Democrats aren’t mentioning. For one, they want to zone a lot of this affordable housing in areas that would actually further burden schools and clog roads. What’s more, it’s often government zoning rules that make housing less affordable, and lifting restrictions on development would help home affordability.


That likely won’t happen, though, especially in major cities where land development is stopped by Democrats and left-leaning activists. You’ll also notice that a lot of this affordable housing isn’t being proposed where these politicians live.

So no, attaching the word “infrastructure” to things doesn’t make the thing infrastructure.



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