Dems Unveil Plan to Pack the Supreme Court but Republicans Can't Wait for Them to Try

Democrats have long teased the idea that they would pack the Supreme Court once former President Donald Trump had put three judges in place, but now that the prospect is becoming a reality, Republicans are actually daring Democrats to try it under the idea that once they do try, it’ll seal their fate in the midterms.


According to Fox News, not only are Republicans very confident that they’ll stop the Democrats from accomplishing expanding the Supreme Court from nine seats to 13, but that the move will be unpopular enough to hand both the House and the Senate to them during the midterm elections. This has prompted some politicians to openly encourage Democrats to give court packing a shot.

“This is such a fantastic gift to the NRSC,” said former National Republican Senatorial Committee Matt Whitlock. “And making it a bill instead of a Senate rules process means we get to get moderate House D’s on the record on it too. Just a fantastic turn of events.”

Whitlock also reaffirmed his enthusiasm for the Democrat’s move when Rep. Mondaire Jones of New York tweeted out that “Supreme Court expansion is infrastructure.”

“He doesn’t even mean this is a parody, which is what makes it great. His moderate Democrat colleagues facing tough races next year won’t thank him for this stunt,” Whitlock said.


“Packing the court is an act of arrogant lawlessness. Those behind this effort spit in the face of judicial independence,” said Sen. Mike Lee.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California also weighed in, saying that Democrats are attempting to take over an entire branch of government by packing it, and that this goes against everything we believe in as Americans.

“This should scare every single American, regardless of where you stand politically,” McCarthy said on “Mornings with Maria.” “This just goes to show how far the Democrat Party has moved. There almost are no longer common-sense or moderate Democrats elected… It’s overtaking a branch of government simply to have your control over a nation. It must be the scariest thing I’ve ever heard them do.”


With Republicans and moderate Democrats so opposed to the legislation that would pack the court, it’s not likely at all that attempt by Democrats will pass. With the House and Senate so evenly weighted, just losing a few votes is enough to kill any attempt and the Senate still has the filibuster for Democrats to deal with. This includes Democrat Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema who have made it clear that they’re not going to vote for any court packing.

That’s a lot of hurdles to overcome, and ones that are too high for Democrats. This is why some Republicans are honestly excited about the prospect of Democrats attempting to pack the court. It’s only more ammo for them come midterms.



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