Dana Carvey's Biden Impression Will Make You Ache for the Days When SNL Was Good

You don’t know what you got till it’s gone. The old Saturday Night Live cast members rarely make the limelight anymore, and that’s a shame. There was a time when comedy didn’t have an agenda and everyone could be laughed at. As SNL alum Dana Carvey proved, anyone can be mocked or satirized, and it can all be in good fun.


Carvey appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where he put forward what was maybe the best impression of President Joe Biden anyone has seen yet. Carvey manages to capture Biden’s rambling incoherentness while maintaining his soft-spokeness when he’s trying to appear sincere, fatherly, and personable. A lot of “come on, folks” and “I’m not lying to ya.”

He also captured Biden’s penchant for making lists that go nowhere.

Watch it for yourself.

Carvey comes from an SNL that had no qualms about laughing and making fun of people on both sides of the aisle. Even during the hearings to confirm Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court, the cast of SNL was lampooning figures on both sides of the aisle featuring a skit of our politicians trying to figure out what it is exactly that women like and don’t like.


Today, mainstream comedy is largely bereft of comedy for comedy’s sake and focuses more on political messaging and making fun of Republicans. Anytime a leftist is characterized by SNL, the silliness is usually in equal measure with lovability. Meanwhile, Republicans are often depicted as stupid, evil, or utterly ridiculous. Even late-night shows like Colbert’s have devolved into being another political program.

It’s a stark reminder of what used to be and what can be again if people reject the mob’s penchant for cancel culture and focus on making real comedy again. Until that time, people like Carvey will be novelties.


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