They Hate Tucker Because They Ain't Tucker

They Hate Tucker Because They Ain't Tucker
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Everyone hates Tucker Carlson…except the millions of people who love him so much that they’ll tune into his program every single night in order to hear his insight and reports about the stories the mainstream media refuses to tell you.

It’s this level of popularity that triggered the leftist-controlled media landscape to turn their attention on the Fox News host in hopes they can make him such an untouchable public pariah that people will stop watching, advertisers will refuse to air their products during his program, or that Tucker himself may feel so much burn that he backs down. Maybe it’s one of those, maybe it’s all of those, but no matter how you slice it, they just want Tucker to go away and never come back.

The last time numbers were released, Carlson was clocking in at over 4 million viewers a night. Those 4 million people watch as the Fox News host pulls back the veil on the corruption, hypocrisy, and lies that the media and other powerful figures may tell you. Those people proceed to talk to their friends and family members about what they saw, spreading the truth Tucker unveiled to more people and further exposing the corrupt for what they are.

They really don’t like this, and so the cooperative media attack on Tucker has begun.

John Oliver is trying to make Tucker seem like a vessel for white supremacist messaging. Brian Stelter is trying to frame him as the new evil-of-all-evils, Donald Trump, and the New York Times attempted to paint him as a man who uses his show to target women for harassment. All of these claims are demonstrably absurd, but these are propaganda pushers with agendas, not reporters and journalists delivering the news.

Tucker’s audience trump’s the audience of all of these people combined, and they know that. It’s hard to push an agenda through carefully controlled narratives when most of the people you’re trying to convince are too busy watching the whole story.

And there’s a reason they watch him and not them. Tucker is biased, yes. Tucker adds commentary, yes. What Tucker does do that is different from them, however, is actually do the job the media is supposed to do. The stories they refuse to tell are the stories that appear on Tucker’s program. The narratives they attempt to sell are deconstructed during his hour in their living rooms. When they attempt to tell you that drinking that week’s kool-aid is a good idea, Tucker is there to fill you in on why it’s not wise and then asks you to think about why they asked you to drink it in the first place.

Tucker is doing the job they should be doing and when people take notice, the contrasts are glaring. People trust Carlson and distrust the manipulative media. They get put on the back foot and as their lies begin to expose them for what they really are, they’re left with little recourse but to wildly claim that Tucker is a racist, a sexist, dangerous, and more. It’s the equivalent of panicked swinging during a fistfight.

It would be better altogether if someone as interesting, dynamic, and bold were taken off the air. The media’s joint attacks on Tucker are attempts to have him silenced, defamed, and defunded because they know they can’t compete and he makes their job far more difficult than need it to be, especially now with Democrats in almost full control of our government.

Expect these attacks on Tucker to get worse and more absurd. Pay special attention to the same people who proclaim that Tucker needs to be stopped because he propagates “misinformation.” These are the people who have the most to lose every time Tucker goes live. If he goes away, they believe they can have what he has.

But they never will have it because Carlson has principled stances that revolve around truth and liberty, and the people aren’t going to get any of that from his detractors.

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