It's Not About the Royal Family, It's About Social Justice Bullying

It's Not About the Royal Family, It's About Social Justice Bullying
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When it comes to the Royal Family, I don’t exactly have a dog in the fight as an American, but since it’s become a mainstream news item, it’s worth adding commentary. It’s going to come across as a defense of the Royal Family, and sure enough, the left has noticed conservatives and libertarians taking the side of the Royal Family against Harry Windsor and Meghan Markel.

But it’s not so much a defense of the former as it is an attack on the latter. Harry and Meghan represent some of the worst things today’s society has to offer, including unproven claims of racism used to smear entire groups of people and spoiled brats claiming victimhood from privileged positions.

Admittedly, when I learned about the interview the couple was to give with Orpah, I immediately doubted that anything I was going to hear was going to be true. At best, any of the claims being made by the couple were going to have elements of truth to them, but with a bit of context and logic, would be fleshed out as falsehoods. Social justice warriors like Markle taught me not to take them at face value.

Looking back through the social justice storybook, claims of racism, sexism, or whatever “phobe” or “ism” you want to attach were unfounded. Oftentimes, the claims were just misunderstandings, or hyper-sensitive people trained to find racism in everything making something racist out of nothing. A very recent example would be the cancelation of some of Dr. Seuss’s books, which contained depictions of cultures in Dr. Seuss’s silly way, leading others to believe they were insulting depictions.

They weren’t. That’s just how he drew. It goes to show how easily the social justice left can make racism appear where there is none like some cheap magic trick.

As I wrote earlier, Piers Morgan was the loudest and most prominent voice that began to dismantle the little illusion Markle and Windsor erected around their lives. With simple questions and a bit of logic, the claims made by the couple started to look a little ridiculous.

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This article maintained the number one spot on RedState for most of the day and likely for a very good reason. It’s not that we didn’t want the Royal Family to lose. There’s likely a solid pile of skeletons in their closet that we could call them out on, and deservedly so. It’s more that we didn’t want Markle and her modern-day victimhood complex based on lies and ridiculous ideological stances to win.

They don’t deserve to win because doing so would be a huge morale gain for the people who go around canceling others for imagined slights, believe they can push their ideological stances on everyone else and punish those who don’t conform, and perhaps worst of all, that people can make unproven accusations that will be taken as fact.

It’s risky to not inject logic into these situations, no matter what these situations contain. Today, it’s about the Royal Family. Tomorrow, it might be about an American institution that upholds real American values. It might be an innocent man or woman who is being targeted by the left for political purposes. It might be you.

This ideological fight spans nations. It’s not just an American problem. The social justice movement’s attempts at remaking the world in their eyes should be stopped, else we’re going to run into a society that truly is racist, bigoted, and sexist, as social justice advocates typically are. They’re an ideology of bullies and we can’t let bullies win.

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