Don't Compare Cruz Going to Cancun to Cuomo's Policies Killing People

Don't Compare Cruz Going to Cancun to Cuomo's Policies Killing People
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Comparing Texas Senator Ted Cruz leaving for Cancun as Texas was freezing and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home policies that resulted in thousands dead is like comparing apples and really rotten oranges that have been sitting a pile of rotten eggs.

Scandals are about a dime a dozen right now as both sides of the political aisle have someone involved in one. However, the left knows that its “scandal” is far more than some politician caught doing something he shouldn’t. Their “scandal” involved killing people. Thousands of people.

Yet, the mainstream media is continuously putting Cruz and Cuomo in the same breath as if the two were comparable. Saturday Night Live featured a skit where Cruz and Cuomo went on a talk show together and Cruz was made to look like a simpering fool who was so incompetent and ridiculous that Cuomo, despite his guilt, didn’t want to be compared to him at all.

The New York Times ran the headline “Cruz and Cuomo Face Scandal. Trump Can’t Save Them,” wherein Cuomo’s nursing home death count was accompanied by Cruz’s trip to Cancun. ABC News’s Jonathan Karl also put the two together during a segment on “The Week.”

According to Fox News, Cruz’s trip to Cancun got way more attention than Cuomo’s death count:

Last Thursday, ABC’s “World News Tonight” dedicated roughly four times as much airtime to Cruz’s sojourn than the FBI and DOJ investigations into the Cuomo administration, devoting nearly four minutes to the GOP senator and just 55 seconds to the embattled Democratic governor.

That same night, CNN and MSNBC’s primetime coverage was similarly dominated by the Texan. A whopping 46 minutes were devoted to Cruz’s vacation, while fewer than three minutes were given to coverage of the prominent New Yorker.

On Friday, Politico’s Playbook singled out Cruz’s optics fiasco as proof that the “age of political scandal” is alive and well despite the turmoil the Cuomo administration has faced in recent weeks.

To be clear, NBC News reported that when Cuomo’s administration originally delivered the number of nursing home deaths, they said it was 8,500. It wasn’t until pressure was applied that they revealed that the real number was 15,000. Cuomo’s administration lied in order to protect the Governor’s reputation and the reputation of those who worked under him.

Cruz, a Senator in the federal government, was taking his family someplace safe and warm while Texas was freezing. He had no authority to do anything legislatively, and as I covered at the time, the only thing he’s really guilty of is leaving his constituents during their crisis which is really only bad for optics. Regardless, I can’t fault a guy for trying to take his wife and children someplace warm, with electricity and hot water, while the state’s power grid failed and biting cold crept in.

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But even if we are to get angry about a leader leaving his people in the midst of a crisis, going to Cancun while it’s freezing isn’t remotely comparable to killing thousands of people with your policy decisions. If the shoes were on the other’s respective feet, then the media would have a firm grasp of this, but since it’s their guy with the mountain of bodies, they must put the focus on the other team’s guy who was heading off to have a margarita at Senor Frogs.

You can be angry about Cruz leaving during a crisis. That’s fair. What’s not fair is making Cruz out to be a supervillain while a man is literally out there trying to hide his body count. That’s like comparing Scooby Doo’s villain of the week to Jeffery Dahmer.

This is just more of the media trying to protect the Democrat party, and in truth, this should really make you think. The media is literally trying to distract from a Democrat being responsible for thousands of deaths. If the media is willing to make a Senator going to the beach their key focus while all Cuomo’s death count is a secondary topic, then what does that say about their care about the people?

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