The Left Should Probably Sit Out On the Virtue Signaling About Texas Politics

Renée C. Byer/The Sacramento Bee via AP, Pool

Texas has been hit hard by the cold snap that hit it, blanketing the state in snow, shutting off power sources, and bursting pipes inside homes. For many, it’s been a nightmare and some have even lost family members as a result of it.

It’s foolish to blame the weather on politicians (though the Church of Climate Change is going to try) but why this state wasn’t prepared for it is a whole different tale. The fault is multi-tiered but it was also something we weren’t prepared for given the state of Texas’s average climate. We often joke in the state that we only have two seasons, hot and slightly less hot. It does sometimes reach freezing point, but it’s often a kiss of the temperature and it’s gone.

I’ll let policy hawks debate who’s at fault here. I want to focus on the fact that the left if pouncing and seizing on the opportunity (see I can do that too) to make it appear as if Republicans should be drawn and quartered because it’s their greed that forced the state into rolling blackouts and freezing homes. They’re virtue signaling like crazy about how Texas politics needs to change if things are to get better.

Funny enough, a lot of these people are saying this from sunny California, the state where their governor is facing a recall threat because he destroyed the state’s economy while claiming to protect it from a virus, still having one of the highest infection rates in the nation, and not abiding by the rules he created himself.

But let’s focus on the real problem Texas is suffering from right now. While the cold is something we’re not used to, Texans are tough and adaptable. We BBQ during hurricanes for fun. One of our favorite pastimes is getting on top of an angry bull and seeing how long we can hold onto it while it tries to buck us off and kill us.

What’s really getting to us is that cold that’s creeping into our homes because power grids are failing all over the state. That’s something we don’t deal with often.

It is, however, something Californians are very familiar with. As Fox News covered last August, the power went out around California, subjecting its residents to horrific amounts of heat. Rolling blackouts had to be conducted because of “an energy shortfall”:

Pacific Gas & Electric, the state’s largest utility, tweeted that it would turn off power to about 220,000 customers in rotating outages for about an hour at a time. Other utilities were told to do the same.

“Unfortunately, because of the emergency nature of this, we weren’t able to notify customers in advance,” Jeff Smith, a company spokesman, said in a telephone interview with Bloomberg.

The outages occurred for 60 to 90 minutes on a rotating basis through the utility’s northern and central California service territory, he said.

The emergency declaration ended just before 10 p.m. and officials said power has been restored statewide.

“Extreme heat is really the driver behind this,” said Anne Gonzales, spokeswoman for the power grid operator.

“We’re dealing with weather, clouds, wildfires … these are quickly evolving situations, quickly changing,” she said.

Researching into the reasons the blackouts happened in the first place gives you varying answers. They blame global warming, renewable energy, natural gas, etc., but you’ll see nary a media outlet say out loud that Democrats had a large part to play in the cause. It’s not until you get into a Politico article that you actually see what the primary cause was, and that’s the rollback of the state of nuclear power:

The state has retired 10,000 megawatts of nuclear and natural gas power plants since 2013 on its way to a low-carbon electric grid, according to the California Energy Commission. It has replaced that with 13,000 megawatts of solar and wind, which cannot produce round-the-clock electricity. Roughly a third of California’s power comes from its neighbors, according to the Energy Information Administration.

As the heat wave swept across the region, nearby states withheld their power generation to meet their own power needs, depriving California of crucial megawatts as the sun set and solar panels stopped producing. California could not make up the shortfall.

The real story is that Democrats wanted to look good by decommissioning nuclear power plants and moving it into “green energy” which is, at best, unreliable. When that green energy became the unreliable power source that it always is, they tried to mooch off their neighbors who were dealing with their own problems at the time, and thus, the blackouts were necessary.

Democrats and their political virtue-signaling created Calfornia’s blackout problems in the midst of a horrendous heatwave. Texas’s power outage was caused by a freak cold that few people actually thought was going to ever happen. While it doesn’t necessarily excuse the ill-preparedness, it at least didn’t come about because a group of politicians was showing off.

Besides, if I had to pick a group of politicians, it wouldn’t be the ones pushing draconian lockdown measures that help absolutely no one and hurt absolutely everyone, nor would I pick that same party that instituted policies that put sick elderly patients positive with the COVID-19 virus in nursing homes, resulting in thousands of deaths and then trying to cover it up.


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