Rush Limbaugh Made a Whopping Charity Donation That Was Kept Completely Secret Until Now

Social media is full of horrid things said about the late conservative talk show giant Rush Limbaugh, but behind all the ugly claims and ignorant descriptions was a kind and charitable man who kept his charity secret. Now, after his passing, one of the stories of a massive donation he once gave has surfaced.


As first reported by the Daily Wire, country music star John Rich revealed that Rush once donated $100,000 to St. Jude Children’s Hospital with one condition; that his donation remained anonymous.

“When I was on Celebrity Apprentice, Rush Limbaugh made a donation of $100,000 dollars to St. Jude Children’s Hospital to support them, and my mission on the TV Show under the condition that he remained anonymous. I never said a word until now. He will be missed. #RIPRushLimbaugh,” Rich tweeted.

Limbaugh was a very generous man according to stories. He would even tip waiters who served him at restaurants thousands of dollars. His large-sum donations to charity thus come as no surprise. Regardless, the common theme among too many is that Limbaugh was somehow a monster. One of his $2000 tips to a waitress was even used to donate to an abortion fund out of pure spite.


The reason behind the hatred is pretty obvious. Limbaugh was the foundation on which the conservative movement launched its rebellion against the mainstream narrative. Every radio show host, television host, and podcaster can trace their ideological lineage back in some way to Limbaugh. His abilities of insight and argument were unparalleled.

When you’re that big of a thorn in the left’s side, you can give all the money you want to sick children, it won’t matter. In fact, it’s likely good that Limbaugh donated that money under the term of anonymity because if he hadn’t it’s likely the left would have come down on the hospital in some way over it.

But regardless, the fact is, Limbaugh was a kind man with a generous spirit. No amount of hatred toward him can make that any less true.



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