Tucker Carlson Expertly Points Out How Unreliable Green Energy Is, With the Texas Power Outage as Proof

Tucker Carlson Expertly Points Out How Unreliable Green Energy Is, With the Texas Power Outage as Proof
Photo via Gage Skidmore

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, like many, watched the drama unfold in Texas, where the state was experiencing temperatures well below that of Alaska. Snow and ice have piled up around the state shutting down roads, businesses, and most importantly, power facilities. More accurately, the Texas frost has frozen Texas’s wind energy to a halt, robbing Texans of life-saving heat during the freak chill.

People are dying in a state where oil and gas are in abundance. Texas shouldn’t be having a power problem, but it is, and that’s mostly due to the fact that around a quarter of the state’s power comes from green energy.

Carlson pointed this out on his show on Monday night and made it clear that when it comes to green energy, it’s far from reliable, and moreover, the people who push for it don’t even seem to want it themselves.

The windmills froze, so the power grid failed. Millions of Texans woke up Monday morning having to boil their water because with no electricity, it couldn’t be purified.

The ironically named Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which oversees the grid, had no solution to any of this. They simply told people to stop using so much power to keep warm. So in Houston, hundreds of shivering Texans headed to the convention center like refugees to keep from freezing to death. Some Texans almost certainly did freeze to death. Later this week, we’ll likely learn just how many more were killed as they tried to keep warm with jury-rigged heaters and barbecues and car exhaust.

Carlson pointed out that no one would have seen an energy shortage in Texas coming, given the state’s massive deposits of natural gas rivaling that of any other place on the planet. The Fox News host compared it to starving at a grocery store, noting “you can only do it on purpose.”

He continued by pointing out that Texas moved into wind energy, going from zero wind farms to a quarter of its power being reliant on them in 15 years. Tri Global Energy, a company getting rich off of wind farms, gave Gov. Greg Abbott the “Wind Leadership Award” for it. It seemed the fashionable thing to do until Texas froze over.

“So it was all working great until the day it got cold outside,” said Carlson. “The windmills failed like the silly fashion accessories they are, and people in Texas died. This is not to beat up on the state of Texas — it’s a great state, actually — but to give you some sense of what’s about to happen to you.”

Carlson pointed out that Biden has declared he’s going to supercharge his green energy agenda for the entire nation, making the problems currently being seen in Texas a common pattern.

“Green energy inevitably means blackouts,” Carlson said. “Someday that may change as technology progresses, but as of right now and given the current state of technology, green energy means a less reliable power grid. It means failures like the ones we’re seeing now in Texas. That’s not a talking point, that is true. It’s science. So of course, they’re denying it.”

The icing on the cake was when Carlson pointed out the hypocrisy and ignorance of our “green czar” John Kerry:

The old plan, you’ll remember, was coding. All the guys in pickup trucks were going to learn to code and run the Internet after we sent their jobs to China. In the end, of course, we just imported people from China to code, so that didn’t actually happen. But John Kerry has another idea: High school-educated rural people are going to be wind turbine technicians. So what they used to do with transmissions, whatever that was, they’re going to do with windmills; put bearings in them or lube them or something.

Now, it’s possible that John Kerry actually believes that. Maybe he’s never been within 20 feet of a wind turbine. He definitely doesn’t live near one. They don’t have wind farms in Aspen or Martha’s Vineyard and they’re not getting them. John Kerry himself once fought to keep wind farms out of sight of his summer house on Nantucket. That’s hypocritical, but it’s not surprising.

People who support wind farms, as a rule, live very far from wind farms. People who live near wind farms have a totally different view, and why wouldn’t they? How would you like a massive power plant in your backyard humming and buzzing and chopping up birds? That’s what a wind turbine is. If you’re ever in rural America, go see one for yourself. You’ll be shocked by how awful it is once you get up close. Your first thought may be, “This is supposed to be good for the environment.”

Wind farms are one of those ideas you can only support if you don’t know too much about them, and maybe that’s why there’s never been mass popular support for them.  No large group of citizens has ever demanded that some Goldman Sachs company destroy the natural environment with Chinese-made windmills that don’t work when it’s cold out. Wait, more expensive and much less reliable? Ugly, inefficient and made by people who hate us? And we can kill endangered species? I’d like some of that. In fact, make it a double.

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