Public Schools are Being Used as Tools to Indoctrinate Children Into Radicals

There’s a personal prejudice against public schools that I’ve cooked up over the course of years, and it began when I was a child myself. When I entered into the fifth grade, the Ritalin craze hit, and schools were recommending Vitamin-R be shoved down the throats of every kid who so much as sneezed out of line in class.


Public schools became drug pushers with kids being the recipients. The real reason wasn’t to help kids learn better, it was because they were getting government kickbacks for every child labeled with Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. So, when my 5th-grade teacher told my parents I needed to go get tested to see if I had a disorder, my concerned mother did what she was advised, and wouldn’t you know it, I had it. What I really had, was the far more common condition of being a boy. Regardless, they put me on this new miracle drug, and my school got paid.

I tell you this story because I want to make it clear that despite this next story I’m going to tell you is happening all the way in Pennsylvania and isn’t entirely common, it shows you that any public school will ruin children if it fulfills their agenda.

Also, before I get angry letters, I also want to make it clear that there are some really great public school teachers out there who are there for the children and want the best for them. Not every public school is a hellscape of drug pushing and political brainwashing.

But this school in Philadelphia definitely is.

According to City Journal, a Philly public school is directly teaching its students to be anti-white, protest in the name of communism, and demand freedom for jailed terrorists.

I wish I were being hyperbolic. I am not.

Whistleblower documents have shown that the William D. Kelley school has some of the lowest literacy scores in the state, (3 percent proficient in math by the 9th Grade, 9 percent in reading) but if you want your child to be a communist radical capable of chanting what they’re told then that’s the school for your kid:


A Philadelphia elementary school recently forced fifth-grade students to celebrate “black communism” and simulate a Black Power rally in honor of political radical Angela Davis.

According to whistleblower documents and a source within the school, a fifth-grade teacher at the inner-city William D. Kelley School designed a social studies curriculum to celebrate Davis, praising the “black communist” for her fight against “injustice and inequality.” As part of the lesson, the teacher asked students to “describe Davis’ early life,” reflect on her vision of social change, and “define communist”—presumably in favorable terms.

At the conclusion of the unit, the teacher led the ten- and eleven-year-old students into the school auditorium to “simulate” a Black Power rally to “free Angela Davis” from prison, where she had once been held while awaiting trial on charges of conspiracy, kidnapping, and murder. The students marched on the stage, holding signs that read “Black Power,” “Jail Trump,” “Free Angela,” and “Black Power Matters.” They chanted about Africa and ancestral power, then shouted “Free Angela! Free Angela!” as they stood at the front of the stage.

It’s not just a random few teachers doing this to their students in secret, as some public schools have a problem with. This is coming from the top, as in the city of Philidelphia itself:

Unfortunately, the programs at William Kelley are no aberration. In recent years, the entire Philadelphia public school system has embraced the philosophy of “antiracism.” Last summer, the superintendent released an Antiracism Declaration promising to “[dismantle] systems of racial inequity” and circulated a memo recommending racially segregated training programs for white and black educators. The local teachers’ union produced a video denouncing the United States as a “settler colony built on white supremacy and capitalism” that has created a “system that lifts up white people over everyone else.” The solution, according to the union, is to overthrow the “racist structure of capitalism,” provide “reparations for Black and Indigenous people,” and “uproot white supremacy and plant the seeds for a new world.”


So the city of Benjamin Franklin is now putting more of an emphasis on making sure your kids know how to protest and be political radicals but will send them into the world without knowing how to properly read, write, or solve math problems. Taxpayer dollars are being funneled into these schools which teach its students to hate the system that gives them this money and taken from taxpayers, their fellow countrymen, which they’re trained to hate.

I would advise everyone to pull their children out of public schools but I know that’s not an option for most Americans. Private school is expensive and homeschooling takes a lot of time and effort. The only thing that I can truly recommend is that your school be watched like a hawk. When your children come home, question them about everything they learned and what their teachers are telling them. Gather together with like-minded parents from the school and become a group that polices the school’s agendas and curriculum. Show up to the PTA meetings as a unified group. Hold feet of the teachers and administrators to the fire at every chance you get.

Let them know that your child’s school is watched and protected and that the first sign of your child being indoctrinated will be met with retribution that will range from public outcry to legal action.

In this day and age, public schools are not safe for children. If they aren’t pushing drugs or programs, they’re pushing agendas. Be wary.



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