Donald Trump Jr. Urges Republicans to Stop Being Soft and Start Getting Serious Against the Democrats

Donald Trump Jr. is urging Republicans to stop being afraid of the Democrats and the media and begin fighting back just as hard as the Democrats are fighting against Republicans, or more accurately, former President Donald Trump who is out of office yet still managing to make Democrats stomp their feet and flail their arms around.


Appearing on Fox News with Sean Hannity, Trump Jr. defended his father’s speech and noted that anything he said on the stage was miles more innocuous than some of the things Democrat politicians have said in the recent past.

“I think in your monologue, you sort of highlighted all of the hypocrisy that we saw during 10 months of rioting, looting, arson, in your face type of politics,” Trump Jr. said.

“Candidly, whatever my father said on January 6, was mild in comparison,” he continued, “but if you already take his speech, and compare it to literally any stump speech ever given in the history of politics, you would see absolutely no deviation, but again, because the Democrats have the media in their pocket, carrying whatever message, they can go on with impeachment part deux, what they started before the original inauguration.”

“They’re just going to continue it,” he said. “They’re all excited to be able to grandstand, to be able to selectively edit, to do their faux outrage on a global scale with TV and free airtime. That’s what this is all about.”


Trump Jr. urged Republicans to fight the Democrats the same way Democrats fight Republicans but made it clear that he doesn’t mean physically, noting that if you approach any talk like that you’re suddenly an insurrectionist.

He also slammed the Senators, bringing up the fact that they’ve been screaming from the rooftops that we’re still in a pandemic, yet they’re not focusing on it, they’re continuing on with the sham impeachment trial.

“I thought that these senators would maybe have something better to do, maybe they would actually fight for the American people for a change, maybe they would actually get to the business of helping us through this pandemic,” said Trump Jr. “I don’t see that happening.”

“And I certainly don’t see it happening from the Biden administration, who’s killing American jobs, defending China, eliminating the ban of the Confucius Institute, which is China taking over our universities and ultimately bribing our professors to get, you know, all the data that you have out of the research projects in American universities,” he added.


Trump Jr. concluded by giving Republicans some tactical direction.

“We got to play hardball. If they’re playing hardball, we’ve been playing t-ball for generations while the Democrats have played hardball,” he said. “We’ve turned the other cheek as they’ve slapped us in the face and laugh as they’ve won every major fight along the way, while we claim some sort of moral high ground and losing everything. That’s what Donald Trump showed the Republican Party, that you can push back, that you don’t have to go with their norms, that you don’t have to listen to the media when they’re just flagrantly putting out nonsense. You can actually push back and I hope that the Republican Party does that.”


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