Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald Splash Cold Water on America With Revelation About Our Two Dominant Parties

AP Photo/Matthias Schrader

If you’ve ever felt like nothing seems to change no matter who is in charge, or that politicians you trusted to carry out certain ideological principles snub the will of the American people in order to do their own thing, you may have already come to the conclusion that there isn’t much difference in the parties in Washington.

For instance, many Republican politicians may say they’re for limited government, reduced spending, and lower taxes, but then they turn around and do everything in their power to increase the scope of government and add to the debt.

Glenn Greenwald appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Wednesday and explained to Tucker Carlson exactly why this is the constant.

Carlson began by pointing out that it seems many of the politicians he thought were “liberal” turned out to be authoritarian in nature and asked Greenwald how we prevent what will likely be a great un-personing by the left. Greenwald made it clear that we first have to stop viewing things as Republican vs. Democrat and thinking that one side actually represents your views vs. another.

“It’s not true,” Greenwald said. “There is a ruling class elite that is extremely comfortable with the establishment wings of both parties.

“They love Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer every bit as much as they love Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan,” he continued. “Those are the people that they fund equally because those are the people who serve their agenda.”

Greenwald went on to actually give nods to the likes of Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar strictly because they decided to stand up to their own party in resisting another war on terror and urged that Republicans should side with them to deny the establishment another overseas conflict.

“Let them stand with right-wing members to break down this artificial, false, fraudulent prism that the way to understand Washington is thinking that one of the two parties is on your side,” said Greenwald. “Neither of them is.”

Carlson acknowledged that Greenwald is correct in this case.

Greenwald may sound hyperbolic but there is a major element of truth here. Many establishment Republicans are just as big government as the Democrats are and that there are times when it’s hard to tell one party from the other.

America has believed itself to be a two-party system diametrically opposed to one another, but as Greenwald said, there is definitely a ruling establishment that has become overtly comfortable in positions of power after having been in Washington for so long. Donors who fund the party of limited government may also fund the party of big government strictly to help themselves, and both parties will do what they can to further the donor’s interests.

Once we get past the idea that it’s Republican vs. Democrat, we’ll likely start to really clear out the corruption that has set in, though that may take years.

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