Tulsi Gabbard Slams Big Tech and the Left On Its Censorship Abuse

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)

Hawaii Democrat Tulsi Gabbard is, like many, is watching the overt censorship of the left and despite being of the Democrat party, she’s none too pleased with the silencing of people with ideological bents, nor the fact that it’s being overseen by big tech monopolies that have gone too far in exercising their power.

Appearing on Fox News’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson brought up that the left was all about resisting monopolies up to this point. Now, with these tech giants effectively controlling speech in favor of the left, this call to break up monopolies has disappeared. Carlson brought Gabbard on to give her take on the matter and made it clear that these companies are too powerful to remain as solid as they are.

Gabbard urged that we use legal processes to see to it that balance is restored, not resort to riots and violence, which will accomplish nothing.

“Let’s be clear from the outset that as we are seeing now, once again, how dangerous these Big Tech monopolies are, and how imperative it is that we break them up, that we actually bring about solutions to break up the power that they have amassed,” Gabbard said. “And the important thing is is that we do this through legislative changes and reform, not through throwing Molotov cocktails and having riots.”

She also made it clear that in order to begin this process of dismantling monopolies, we need to vote in leaders who will be more focused on service to the American people instead of focusing on themselves and their donors.

“Hope can be found in recognizing the power we have as voters,” said Gabbard, “and we really do get to choose who holds these high offices of power.”

“And that we can make that decision by saying, hey, you need to be someone who I am confident in committing to serving the best interest of the American people, who is committed to upholding our constitutional rights and freedoms,” she continued,” and you’re not one of these people, politicians who existed so long and have been a part of the problem because they are so addicted to getting this money from the Big Tech monopolies and therefore, no matter how much noise they make about how, you know, this is a bad thing.”

“When it comes right down to it, they don’t actually do what it takes to make the changes necessary to work for us, the American people,” she added.

Gabbard revealed in an interview with the Daily Caller that many politicians talk a big game when it comes to throwing the gauntlet down on big tech but do nothing in the end because big tech isn’t shy about pushing a lot of money their way.

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Carlson lamented the fact that so many in our elected government, and even reasonable people who he considers to be intelligent, seem incredibly pleased with the overt and unapologetic censorship happening in this country. Gabbard agreed, noting that she takes free speech to heart as she swore an oath to defend the Constitution where free speech is guaranteed as a right.

“It is really disheartening to see how people are so inward-looking at only supporting of voices of those who agree with them, rather than recognizing the country that our founders envisioned for all of us,” Gabbard said.

“As you know, we’ve talked about this before, this is something I take to heart in a very deep way like every other service member that we take an oath to uphold our constitution, to support and defend it, which supports including the freedom of speech of every single person in this country, whether we agree with that speech or not. Whether that speech offends us or not,” she told Carlson.

“That is what is at the heart of this country and who we are as Americans, and we must all stand up and support that and make sure that we pressure our leaders to do the same,” Gabbard added.