CNN's Don Lemon Justifies Black Lives Matter's Violence Because It Was "Built on People"

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CNN’s Don Lemon has nothing bad to say about the violence that occurred during the Black Lives Matter riots and even assigned a nobility to it on Tuesday night’s transition between him and Andrew Cuomo’s programs.


According to Fox News, Lemon commented that the Black Lives Matter riots do not at all compare to the Capitol riot because the BLM riots were based on “facts” and “people”:

“I’m sick of people comparing, you can’t compare what happened this summer to what happened at the Capitol,” Lemon told Cuomo. “It’s two different things. One was built on people, on racial justice, on criminal justice, right, on reform, on police not beating up – or police treating people of color differently than they do Whites. OK? That was not a lie. Those are facts. Go look at them. What happened at the Capitol was built on a lie, perpetrated by the president and the people who support him.”

Lemon declared that simply based on “that one merit” you can’t compare the riots. President Trump is facing impeachment after last week’s Capitol violence in the wake of his repeated, unsubstantiated claims that he was the true winner of the 2020 election.

“Those things are not comparable. So they should not be doing that. And stop this whataboutism,” Lemon said. “No one has ever, ever gone this far in terms of saying an election was illegitimate, with all the evidence we have that this election was legitimate.”


In short, Lemon seems to believe that a riot is okay if he believes it’s based on righting societal wrongs.

If confronted by David Dorn’s family, would Lemon say the same thing? Did he die in the name of racial justice or was it because Black Lives Matter rioters wanted some loot from a pawn shop? How does his murder help heal the divide between the black community and police?

Was the shooting of Aaron Danielson by a member of Antifa pardonable? If so, why? Because he was a supporter of police? Because he was white? How does shooting an innocent person advance the cause of racial or criminal justice?

Do all the innocent business owners who had their livelihoods destroyed by rioters applaud their misfortune because it’s all in the name of justice? How is burning down or looting the store of a black man getting that justice? Are we one step closer to equality because of it?

These are the things that Lemon believes are a good thing because it happened under the banner of Black Lives Matter, a movement based on “facts,” according to Lemon.

If Lemon is serious about this excusal of the months of violence and destruction, then he is guilty of the very thing he’s accusing his political opponents of and then some.


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