A Real Revolutionary Coup Would Look Much Different Than the Stupidity We Saw at the Capitol

The spin-off group from the pro-Trump protest that proceeded to riot inside the capitol yesterday was something shameful to behold.

Some of these people have since been identified and it’s become clear just how ridiculous the makeup of the group was. It fit the definition of “insurrection,” but watching the media you would have thought that a complete and total coup attempt and revolution was occurring.


This narrative was championed by both members of the right and the left-leaning mainstream media. For them, this was a grand storming of the halls of power where they were trying to affect real change.

All three elements above are just ridiculous. Storming the Capitol building accomplished nothing except generating a few memes, these rioters weren’t heroes, nor were they revolutionaries bent on toppling the government.

Wednesday was an embarrassment, pure and simple. All the idiotic elements from both sides came together and had one grand moment where they had everyone’s complete attention, be they the chest thumpers without a solid goal on the right or the sensationalist pearl-clutchers on the left. Nothing of value was accomplished.

One person even lost her life, and for what? So that the media could get a nice new reason for you to be glued to your screen? So that the people who raided the offices of politicians and the floors of our Senate and House could get in some selfies for their social media profiles?

Nothing was accomplished and both sides know it. Members of the right stormed the Capitol building and came out with…nothing. Yet both they and the media are making it sound like something unmitigatedly huge occurred.


Let’s get realistic.

This was no revolution. If it was, it wouldn’t have started as a protest. It definitely wouldn’t have ended with a bunch of people going home, smiling as they carried out podiums.

A real revolution would have been more organized and with a goal in mind. The storming wouldn’t have occurred in just one location within a city, it would have involved all of D.C., but it likely wouldn’t have even gotten that far, at least not that quickly.

It would have likely involved more uniformed movements, a lot more firepower, and a lot more blood. A real revolution wouldn’t have had its own side denouncing its movements and asking everyone to go home in peace.

It wouldn’t have just been a stupid little riot that accomplished nothing. It would have been an entire war.

That’s not what happened, and let’s pray it never happens.

What happened on Wednesday was a ridiculous display from angry people acting like fools who lacked any real goal other than getting out their frustrations by being where they weren’t supposed to and smashing stuff that wasn’t theirs. In the end, they accomplished nothing. The vote still went through, Joe Biden has been confirmed as the President-elect, and the left-leaning media is feasting on the sensationalism drummed up by the event.


A real revolution is a very serious thing that should be taken very seriously. The founders paved the way for us to conduct one at the utmost necessity but we’re not there. Not yet. If that time ever comes — and let’s hope it doesn’t — it will be much more bloody, horrific, and tragic than the clown show we saw Wednesday.

Stop making stupidity a far grander thing than it deserves.


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