Gretchen Whitmer Proves Her Love of Stacey Abrams With a Touch of Religious Fervor

Michigan Office of the Governor via AP, Pool

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is about has hard-left as you can get and like many radical leftists, her ideological intensity looks a lot like religious zeal.


Of course, it’s Whitmer, so she did actually go into something of a religious territory with her worship of politics, and while it was a joke, the hypocrisy of it all shouldn’t go unmentioned.

After Georgia Democrats won both of the Senate seats up for grabs, Whitmer took to Twitter on Wednesday morning and posted a picture of a votive candle bearing the image of a saint. Only it wasn’t a saint, it was the unsuccessful Georgia candidate for Governor turned voting activist Stacey Abrams made to look like one.


The issue is, after all this time of calling Trump supporters “cultists,” Democrats do what they always do and flaunt their hypocrisy in front of us. The criticisms they lob at Republicans for anything are typically practiced by Democrats, but worse.

Her defenders will say she’s merely joking and that the Abrams candle is meant to be a way of Gretchen saying she deserves a lot of the credit. It’s highly likely that is the case, but the issue is that when Republicans do the same thing, they throw humor out of the equation and act as if the right really is a cult.

Both Republicans and Democrats come up with ways to express how great or badass they think their favorite politician is that goes into fantastical territory.


But with all that said, Democrats do tend to attach importance to their own ideologies as if it were a religion. Only the craziest people on the right worship a politician, but when most mix religion into their politics, it’s because they’re following what’s in the Bible first and allowing that to guide their politics.

The left seems to have a real problem with the Christian God and have replaced Him with other things and people. Obama was so popular back when he was running that the left stopped short of forming an actual church around him, but it didn’t stop them from creating hymns for children to sing.

If the Democrats are going to refer to Republicans as “cultists” because they want to defend a President that is being relentlessly and unfairly attacked, maybe they should first take the plank out of their own eye.



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