Video: Celebrated Massachusetts Black Lives Matter Leader Punches 80-Year-Old Woman

A celebrated Black Lives Matter leader in Massachusetts has been arrested after punching an 80-year-old woman for unknown reasons was caught on video and is now circulating around the internet.


According to ItemLive, 32-year-old Ernst Jean-Jacques Jr., a man who was honored by the Boston Red Sox during a “Hats off to Heroes” ceremony, was arrested for assault and battery of a person 60 or older after he punched 80-year-old Linda Greenburg.

Jean-Jacques was part of a counter-protest against Trump supporters last Saturday in Swampscott. Jean-Jacques was dancing in front of the Trump supporters with a bullhorn when Greenburg made her way to the fence separating the Trump supporters and the counter-protesters.

It’s unclear what Greenburg said, but Jean-Jacques is seen punching toward the woman. The camera is obscured so no hit is seen connecting, but Greenburg was later seen doubled over and shaking. Jean-Jacques left the scene shortly after the assault but was apprehended by police soon after.

Jean-Jaques fled the scene soon after the punch but was later apprehended by police. He was released on a $550 bail bond.

While no Trump supporters have faced arrest, this is the second arrest of a counter-protester according to ItemLive:


This is the second arrest of a counter-protester in the past month. On Nov. 19, police arrested Nathan Dinnall, 39, of 104 Newhall St., Lynn, after he tried to take Trump organizer Diana Ploss’ digital camera that she was using to stream the demonstration.

It’s sad that our society feels the need to celebrate men like Jean-Jacques and make heroes out of people who would commit violence against old women. While it’s unclear what Greenburg said to Jean-Jacques, it doesn’t accuse violence against her. He could have easily shrugged off whatever she said, no matter how horrible, but the celebrated Black Lives Matter leader thought it better to harm elderly women.

What a hero.



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