Come to Jesusland

Come to Jesusland
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Secession is becoming something of a creeping topic being mulled around in the heads of many, and not just by Texans this time around.

On Thursday, I wrote a VIP post (promo code “Morse” for a discount and a Merry Christmas to you) talking about how Rush Limbaugh brought up the fact that secession is going to start becoming a more popular topic because the two opposing ideologies that have become popular in American cannot coexist, no matter how many of those stupid bumper stickers appear on the back of Priuses. Sure enough, one Texas state legislator is submitting a bill that would make Texas secession (more popularly known as Texit) a thing.

(Texit: A Texas Politician Is Trying to Make Secession Happen, but There’s Way More to It)

Apparently, it’s on the minds of many on the left too, and leftist activist Amy Siskind came up with a graphic that shows both the leftist and American ideologies splitting off into different territories, which California, New York, and other northern states splitting off with Canada to form the United States of Canada and the rest of the states forming what she cleverly refers to as “Jesusland.”

Fair. I’ll take that name.

I won’t go too far into the fact that despite leftist fantasies, Canada isn’t exactly known for its 100 percent agreement on politics and there are solid territories of conservative thought there as well.

What I will focus on are two things.

For one, I think it’s pretty hilarious that if the left evacuated all these red states to form their own country they think we’d miss them. They seem to believe that if it weren’t for blue states, red states would fall because their tax dollars actually subsidize our low tax way of life. They’re wrong as Rachel Alexander of Townhall made clear back in May:

Matt Palumbo writing at The Dan Bongino Showfound thateven if red states receive more in federal welfare, it’s not going to Republicans. Those on public assistance, as well as long-term unemployment, are overwhelmingly Democrats.

To try and rectify some of the disparity, Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) in 2017. It put a cap of $10,000 on state and local tax deductions (SALT). Without it, rich people in blue states that had bloated, wasteful, high state and local taxes were able to deduct those ridiculously huge tax numbers from their federal taxes, resulting in those states sending far less money to the federal government.

It was very unfair to taxpayers living in sensible states without bloated taxes, who didn’t get the huge deductions. Adam Michel at The Heritage Foundation observed, it “forces people in lower-tax states to subsidize more expensive governments elsewhere.” He provided an example, “The average millionaire living in New York or California deducted more than $450,000 worth of state and local taxes; the average millionaire in Texas deducted only $50,000 and therefore paid close to $180,000 more per year in federal taxes.”

A sudden departure of Democrat voters would increase revenues by leaps and bounds.

Then there’s the fact that we wouldn’t have to deal with leftist politicians inciting riots, which would allow businesses large and small to thrive, especially in the poorer neighborhoods. Those neighborhoods that have struggled under the rule of career Democrat politicians for decades will now actually have a chance of getting back on their feet thanks to lightening tax burdens and loose regulations.

In other words, America would get back to being America.

Secondly, imagine a place where the pseudo-moralism of the hard-left no longer has a hold on the mainstream culture. Imagine the child abuse of “trans-kids” no longer being a thing, race-baiting being a thing of the past, and the emotional reactionism of social justice being relegated to some barbaric part of a past that we shed in favor of logic. There’d be a second enlightenment where we re-embraced the Judeo-Christian principles that caused us to succeed as a nation in the first place.

With the lessons of the past teaching us what not to do in the future, we could achieve true equality of opportunity for everyone, and ditch the false idea of equality of outcome, which is a leftist pipe dream created during a time of ignorance. People wouldn’t be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Masculinity and femininity will no longer be vilified by the sexes of those who best represent them, but embraced. Ideas will finally be able to flourish in the arts, bringing us new breakthrough creations.

I’m not saying it’d be a flawless paradise, but it would be the closest to it we’d get until Christ’s return.

Oh, and lower taxes.

I know the idea of “Jesusland” was supposed to be an insult, but the left can’t meme and all that did was get people daydreaming about what could be if the left actually wasn’t around.


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