Watch: Business Owner Crashes News Report In Order to Rally Defiance Against Government Lockdowns

As an American citizen, it’s important to utilize your freedoms in order to speak out against tyranny, and that’s exactly what one business owner did when he effectively highjacked a news report as it was going on.


WWMT-TV in Kalamazoo, Michigan was giving a report live on location when a man approached from behind the on-scene reporter, Tarvarious Haywood, and began shouting. The concerned anchor was replaced by the conversation going on between the business owner and Haywood quickly.

While the man was clearly angry, he was not hostile and was very clear about the anger he was feeling.

The man’s name is Dave Morris, and he’s the owner of D&R Daily Grind, and he has a bone to pick with the state’s leadership. Specifically, the fact that they could have given a lot of the stimulus money to the people but instead gave it to campaigns and special interest groups.

“They have abandoned me,” Morris said. “They have put me in a position to where I have to fight back.”

Morris made it clear that he could have taken money and walked away for a small amount of time but he couldn’t do it and let his business go under.

The reporter asked if Morris was planning to “continue to violate state order” but was cut off by Morris who dismissed the idea of it being a state order and labeled it more of a “tyranny.” When asked what his message was to other restaurant owners Morris was quick to answer.


“Wake up. Stand up. This is America. Be free,” he said.

Morris opened up his restaurant for indoor dining in late November and has seen an overflow of customers. According to him, other restaurant owners should do the same.

This defiance, however, will come with a $1,000 a day fine for every day that the rules are violated. According to WWMT-TV, Morris has racked up $6,000 in fines.

Morris expounded further with WWMT-TV as the news station focused an entire report around him after the encounter.

“They want me to go down and be quiet and never hear from me again. I am not going to put up with it. It’s time to rise up. Shut it all down or don’t shut any of us down. That’s the only way to get control of a virus,” Morris told WWMT-TV.

Morris is just one business owner speaking out, but he’s not the only business owner suffering under the lockdowns. His refusal to obey is inspiring and many other business owners looking at the prospect of losing everything might look at his example and begin to defying themselves.


These lockdown orders have sent many livelihoods crashing and burning, and not just those of the owners themselves, but the employees who rely on them and vendors and suppliers who sell the necessary items for the business to function as well.

Morris’s defiance may save a lot more than just his restaurant. It’s also a strong message to those who would use government as a way to scratch tyrannous itches.



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