Dear GOP, Do Not Return to the Bad Habit of Shooting Yourself In the Foot

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When I first got into politics over a decade ago, the GOP had a very bad habit of snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory. We had what I could only describe as a “pick your toys up and go home” mentality when it came to any given situation. If a group within the GOP didn’t get what they wanted, they would burn down the whole operation.

They would effectively punish the GOP, and the Republic at large, for not getting their way.

I remember many becoming overtly upset over Mitt Romney’s nomination as the GOP candidate to face off against Barrack Obama in the 2012 presidential election and many declaring that if their guy didn’t win then they would just not vote. To this day, I and many others are still convinced that Obama didn’t defeat Romney in 2012, the GOP did.

Upon Donald Trump’s victory, it seemed that the GOP was pretty united…more or less. You had your Republicans that outright rejected Trump to the point of supporting Democrats. The Lincoln Project, a solid example of the old GOP mentality, went to war against Trump and his supporters simply because they didn’t want Trump in the White House. In their rejection of the GOP over Trump, they opened the door for the socialist left to infiltrate America’s high positions of power.

Now that Trump’s lost, I’m seeing something of a backslide into that mentality.

I’m here to say that this mentality is as frightening as it is shortsighted. It’s one thing to vote for a candidate because you like their positions and/or personality better. If they align more with your principles then fine. However, it’s another thing to vote against your own principles because the guy you originally wanted didn’t win.

I originally didn’t want Trump to win, but I wouldn’t have dreamed of voting for Hillary Clinton. It’s a spiteful move and spiteful moves against your own allies is only empowering to your enemies.

And our enemies are stronger than ever.

You can see this happening right now in Georgia where many Republicans, including Donald Trump’s own attorney in the state, are suggesting that GOP voters threaten to withhold votes from David Perdue (R-GA) and Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) if they didn’t put more time and energy into investigating the potential voter fraud occurring in their state.

Luckily, Donald Trump Jr. spoke out against this idea.

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I, for one, agree that investigating voter fraud is important. There are clues that this presidential election was filthy with it. I understand that fraud can pose a threat to this election as well. However, nothing will be solved by the GOP posing a threat to Republican candidates themselves.

Now is not the time to pick up our toys and go home. Now is not the time to chop off our nose to spite our face. Now is the time to unite together and see to it that the extremists that have taken over the part on the left do not have a chance to take over this country. They would love nothing more than Republican infighting.

While I expect a party of individualists to be firm in their beliefs, one thing we can all agree on is that what the left represents and stands for today is too dangerous to allow in the halls of power. We can disagree on things but one thing we can’t do is allow the camel to get its nose under the tent by threatening each other with Democrat control.

Rest assured, if they do get control you can expect worse times for America. An America that looks a lot like the places many others have fled from.

Let’s gain control where we can as we fight to keep elections free and fair.


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