Trump Campaign Advisor: 'Concede' Isn't Even in Our Vocabulary

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If you think the Trump campaign is even close to throwing in the towel then you can rid yourself of that feeling because according to one of the campaign’s senior advisors, backing down currently isn’t an option.


In fact, they’re not even thinking about defeat.

According to the New York Post, senior adviser Jason Miller for the Trump campaign appeared on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo and made it clear that the word “concede” isn’t even in their vocabulary at the moment:

Speaking to Fox Business‘ “Mornings with Maria,” Miller said the word “concede” was “not even in our vocabulary right now.”

“We’re going to go and pursue all these legal means, all the recount methods. We’re going to continue exposing and investigating all these instances of fraud or abuse, and make sure, again, that the American public can have full confidence in these elections,” the Trump adviser continued to host Maria Bartiromo.

Asked by the Fox Business host about the campaign’s growing number of lawsuits, Miller insisted that their effort was for the betterment of the United States, as they were aiming to ensure free and fair elections.

“This is much more about the entire future of elections in America,” he explained.

“This is about election integrity. If we can’t get this right, why think we will ever have confidence in these elections going forward,” he continued.

As much as I want President Donald Trump to win reelection, Miller’s point about election integrity is even more important.


A free society requires free and fair elections. If it doesn’t have those then there is no free society at all. The ability to choose one’s leaders is integral.

As it stands, there is far too much reason to believe that this election, in particular, is rife with fraud. In fact, if the election were occurring in a different country, our own State Department would qualify it as “rigged” just as it did with the Ukrainian elections when they had the exact same circumstances surrounding theirs in 2004.

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Should we investigate and Trump maintains the White House it would be superb. It would be a solid win for the country. However, investigating and finding sources of fraud and criminal activity and eliminating it from our system would be even better. It would be even better if we could then pass laws that would prevent this level of fraud from ever happening again.


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