Associated Press Dismisses Actual Racism to Defend Joe Biden by Trying to Fool Its Readers

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

The Associated Press is one of the largest news outlets in the country but it’s also one of the most ideologically leftist. Not only does it love to change its style guide to better fit leftist newspeak, but it also knows that it can write a headline and the majority of Americans will read that and nothing else.

Narrative driving in favor of the left isn’t exactly a new thing out of the mainstream press, but AP went so far as to literally dismiss actual racism in order to defend Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Earlier this month, the Associated Press released an article that fact-checked a claim that Biden had eulogized the former KKK Grand Wizard (and later Senator) Robert Byrd, who died in 2010. The big bold headline presented to the reader was a flat out denial that any such thing ever happened.

“Biden did not eulogize former KKK ‘grand wizard'”, it reads.

For many people, that’s good enough and that’s what the Associated Press is counting on. They will see this headline and proceed to walk away safe in the knowledge that their candidate never did such a horrible thing and those dastardly Republicans are just trying to spread lies around again. ‘Nuff said.

But clicking on the article tells a completely different story.

They’re right. Biden didn’t eulogize a KKK “Grand Wizard.” Biden eulogized a KKK “Exalted Cyclops.”

Twitter user “TRHLofficial” did click and quickly called the AP out on its attempt to sell a half-truth to the American people.

It’s a sleazy move, and “TRHLofficial” gives a pretty good explanation as to why.

“The direct object is the thing that the subject acts upon, so, ‘eulogy’ is the direct object; it’s the thing Biden did. An indirect object is an optional part of a sentence; it’s the recipient of an action: Robert Byrd. People will always assume the direct object first,” she writes.

The Associated Press article reads as such:

Byrd died in 2010 at the age of 92, and was the longest serving senator in American history.

A widely shared post on Facebook claims, “When he died in 2010, former KKK Grand Wizard Robert Byrd was eulogized by Joe Biden. Go ahead Facebook fact-checkers. Verify this. I DARE YOU!”

But the post is misleading. Byrd never held the post of “grand wizard” in the Ku Klux Klan — a top leadership role — though he was a member of the organization in the early 1940s.

As a young man in West Virginia, Byrd recruited members to a local KKK chapter and was elected to the post of “exalted cyclops” according to his 2005 autobiography. Later, in 1964, when Byrd had become a Democratic U.S. senator, he stalled and opposed major civil rights legislation.

Hear that, Republicans? Byrd wasn’t a “grand wizard”; he was something else in the incredibly racist organization. Idiots. The Associated Press rated this as “partly false” in the text. They didn’t exactly make that clear in the headline. In fact, the headline insinuates a complete falsehood.

The truth is that Biden did indeed eulogize a former member of the KKK, and a prominent one at that.

You may say that Byrd was reformed and left after being disillusioned with the racism and bigotry of the organization and therefore, Biden should not at all be looked down on for remembering this man fondly at his funeral.

The truth is that Byrd continued racist acts long after he left the KKK and only seemed to renounce his racism when it became a political liability.

Regardless, the Associated Press wants you to focus on one point of misdirection and that’s that Biden didn’t eulogize a former KKK “grand wizard.” For them, that’s all you need. While a website loves a good click, they actually counted on you not clicking that article so as not to actually get the full story where they’re forced to admit that Biden did give props to a high-ranking KKK member upon his death.

The media is highly distrusted and this is why. In order to defend a Democrat it will actually pardon the racism it supposedly hates with every fiber of its body, even if that Democrat they’re protecting was serving up kind words about an established racist.