Big Tech Workers Confirm What We Already Know About Big Tech's Bias

(AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)

Big tech employees are confirming what we already know but despite our lack of surprise, the proof is important to have.

Tech and internet companies, or what we refer to collectively as “Big Tech,” have a massive bias against conservatives. It’s something that is constantly denied by the CEOs of these companies but is constantly demonstrated by their actions and occasionally confessed to by their own employees.

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After social media companies blocked a New York Post articles that slammed the Biden family for its dealings in Ukraine and even went so far as to temporarily suspend accounts that posted it, including government accounts, demands for answers and solutions began popping up.

Focusing in on the bias, one user at the site “Blind,” a community forum for 3.6 million verified big tech employees, put out a poll asking if anti-conservative bias in big tech actually does exist. After over a thousand participants, the answer was an unequivocal “yes” with a whopping 71 percent according to Team Blind.

While this isn’t surprising it does confirm that there is a massive issue in the tech industry. The companies oftentimes are the loudest in the promotion of “diversity” but all the diversity it pats itself on the back for is usually very skin deep. What isn’t allowed is a diversity of thought or opinion.

This is why the bent against conservatives happens so blatantly. The fact that tech industry workers recognize their own bias means that they aren’t ashamed of it either.

Those who live in ideological bubbles, as big tech does in Silicon Valley, rarely do feel shame for their bigoted thoughts and actions. In fact, in their circles, it’s almost a requirement to be accepted. This creates massive problems, be it censorship of conservative news and opinion, to straight-up election interference which is exactly what’s happening now.

At some point, Silicon Valley is going to have a face a reckoning for its exclusivity to the point of doing things that border on criminality if they haven’t crossed that line already.

If the latest backlash against big tech is any indication, that reckoning may be coming sooner than later.