Ballot Fraud Proved Again After Kentucky USPS Worker Fired Over Trashing Ballots

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Another story of ballot fraud surfaced over the weekend proving that mail-in ballots are not a trustworthy way of deciding who should lead the free world.


According to WKYT-TV, a Louisville, Kentucky, United States Postal Service worker was not only fired but also face federal charges after allegedly disposing of over 100 absentee ballots last Thursday:

A former USPS worker could face federal charges after more than 100 absentee ballots were found amid a pile of discarded USPS mail in a dumpster Thursday.

A statement from a spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General said the person “is no longer employed by the USPS. I cannot provide any further details surrounding their employment due to federal privacy concerns.”

“The case has been accepted for federal prosecution by the U.S. Attorney’s Office,” Special Agent Scott Balfour wrote in the statement Friday. “They will determine what charges are appropriate after a review of all the facts in the case.”

Balfour had said Thursday that the 112 ballots and two political advertisements already were “returned to the USPS and will be delivered to customers (Thursday).”

He also said the discarded mail was intended for delivery in the Jeffersontown area, the 40299 zip code in particular.

This is hardly an isolated story. News continues to surface of mistakes, fraud, and abuse of mail-in systems happening daily. My colleague Scott Hounsell reported that 400,000 ballots in California alone have been sent to people who either moved or died, opening the door for immense amounts of fraud to occur.


A local reporter in Pennsylvania conducted an experiment to see what would happen in a mail-in voting situation and found the integrity of the process was so compromised that thousands would find their votes misplaced and lost just due to the inefficiency of the USPS alone.

Project Veritas blew open a ballot harvesting scheme in Minnesota that found illegal activity being conducted in the name of politicians like Ilhan Omar.

(READ: Project Veritas Blows Illegal Ballot Harvesting Scheme Connected to Ilhan Omar Wide Open)

Evidence keeps mounting that shows mail-in voting are easily manipulated, trashed, or lost. It’s a wonder that this is even still being considered for our election process.

It also raises the point that any party looking to embrace such an easily defrauded process must not have very good intentions themselves.


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