Ted Cruz Drops a Logic Bomb On Hirono, Booker, and the Sexuality Controversy Around ACB

Ted Cruz Drops a Logic Bomb On Hirono, Booker, and the Sexuality Controversy Around ACB
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Texas Senator Ted Cruz is likely trying to keep his eyes from rolling out of his head just like we all are when it comes to the grandstanding Democrats are doing about Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s “mistake” about there being such a thing as “sexual preference.”

The controversy started when Barrett mentioned “sexual preference,” a phrase used for years to describe which sexuality a person prefers to be in a relationship with. Without warning, this phrase was suddenly a horrible thing to say according to the left, which began accusing Barrett of being prejudiced against the LGBT community.

Marriam-Webster even legitimized the Democrat’s outrage by altering the definition of “sexual preference” to make it an offensive term.

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Democrat Senators Mazie Hirono and Corie Booker soon began throwing out that sexual orientation was something you just couldn’t change in an effort to make ACB seem not with the times.

Cruz, however, couldn’t help but see the crack in the left’s logic and sent out a tweet to put them in the position of having to answer for some concepts they’d previously established themselves. Concepts that run contrary to what they’re attempting to push on Barrett now.

“Very odd,” tweeted Cruz. “Both Hirono & Booker asserted sexual orientation is “immutable.” Webster’s defines as “not capable of or susceptible to change.” I wasn’t aware the Left insisted sexuality can never change over the course of one’s life. While insisting gender can change continuously.”

We’ve been told that “gender” is a fluid concept that can change from one day to the next. Is the left now telling us that sexuality can’t? When it comes to who you’re attracted to, you’re locked into that forever?

According to the left’s own wailing and gnashing of teeth, sex and sexuality should be a free-roam kind of thing. Whoever or whatever you do in your sexual preference is up to you. Now, they’re saying that it follows strict rules that can’t be broken.

The left should answer Cruz’s question because at this point it seems that Barrett’s usage of the phrase “sexual preference” was correct according to the rules previously established by the left itself.

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