Hilarious Video Shows You What SJW Spotify Employees Think of Joe Rogan

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In spite of the fact that jokes and laughing aren’t allowed right now, there are still some people out there making jokes at their own risk. One such person is JP Sears.


JP Sears often smokes the permanently offended and his latest target is the employees at Spotify who are demanding that renowned podcast host Joe Rogan face censorship after he had said some things they weren’t happy with him having opinions.

Playing two Spotify employees, Sears and fellow comedian Brent Pella played two abundantly butt hurt social justice warriors — one who identifies as a cat — who work at Spotify making the case as to why Rogan should be censored. Topics that they demand Joe Rogan be censored on include:

  • Trans issues, because Rogan is supposedly transphobic
  • Women, because “he’s a man, which means he’s not a woman, which means he’s misogynistic”
  • Gay people, because Rogan “doesn’t want to have sex with men, which makes him homophobic”
  • Racial issues, because Rogan always has minorities on his show and giving them massive publicity because he has white guilt for being racist
  • MMA, because it’s a sport and SJWs think sports are ableist
  • Elk Meat, because it offends vegans
  • DMT, because it’s a drug and the only excusable drug is Adderal
  • Ideas, because it’s insensitive to people who can’t think
  • Comedy, because not everyone is funny
  • Caitlin Jenner, because reasons

The Spotify employees make it clear that they know what you want better than you do and what you want is for your podcasts to be censored and they’ll gladly do that as they restrict your music and burn your books.

Watch the hilariousness for yourself.

While this is satire, the reality isn’t that far off. Spotify employees are so upset with Rogan’s open, free-thought and free-idea conversations with guests that range from all over the political spectrum that they want to be able to collectively approve his podcasts before release.


This was detailed by ScreenRant:

Joe Rogan is a controversial figure, a common tactic among the most popular talk show hosts. Rogan’s unfiltered comments often cause an uproar among various groups, which plays right into the show’s approach. Rogan claims to simply be speaking his mind and even makes a rare apology if proven wrong about a topic. According to Digital Music News, employees are now seeking greater editorial control, following some Spotify employees having complained about recent episodes and requesting action be taken. According to Vice, a town hall meeting was held to discuss the issue. Apparently, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek defended Rogan’s right to speak freely, while gingerly acknowledging Spotify’s own responsibility to moderate its content. Ek was said to mention ten other meetings about Rogan recently, so this could be an ongoing issue.

So long as the CEO holds firm, the SJW employees at Spotify can complain all they want. Contracts will be respected and Rogan won’t have a reason to leave.

Rest assured, Rogan doesn’t need Spotify’s help if they do go back on it.


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