The Concept of "Mansplaining" Infantilizes Women

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I’ve noticed a slight uptick in the number of times the concept of “mansplaining” has been thrown around lately.


For those uninitiated in the language of the social justice warrior, “mansplaining” is when a man explains something to a woman, corrects a false statement she may have made, or just generally imparts knowledge to her at all. The same feminists who consider holding a door open for a woman an insulting gesture and commentary on their lack of strength and independence are the same people who like to throw the word “mansplaining” around.

Long story short, the concept allows for more victimization of women at the hands of men.

I wish I could tell you that this nonsense is relegated to the realm of radicals, simps, and college professors, but it’s not. The United Nations recently released a tweet from their “UN Women” account teaching men how to avoid being a mansplainer.

Not only do they provide a helpful definition, but they also give you a three-point checklist of things to do before you interact with a woman to whom you’re about to give your opinion, instructions, or explanations. These three effectively boil down to:

  • “Did anyone ask you, patriarchal oppressor?”
  • “It’s possible she has some experience in this subject. Don’t try to find out, just assume she does and shut up.”
  • “Are there women in the room at all? You’re in the wrong neighborhood mother f***er.”

The thing about mansplaining is that’s effectively a tactic to silence criticism towards women while making it seem like men are prideful idiots who look down on women because we believe them to be inferior. It’s an original sin that men carry with them according to SJW dogma and you can never absolve yourself of it. All you can do is prostrate yourself at the altar of feminism, shut up, and obey. As a man, you’ll never fully escape your privilege, so the bootlicking must continue indefinitely.

I have a major problem with a lot of this both as a man and as a human being.

Obviously, I don’t appreciate being labeled a villain for doing something that isn’t insulting in the least. Explanations are given to people about things all the time. Knowledge transference is integral to everyday life, work, and play. Humans — both men, and women — are instructed constantly about a vast number of things every single day with said knowledge transference happening between the sexes indiscriminately. It takes many forms, ranging from how to accomplish a task to simply expressing an opinion on something.


The more of this that happens the better. These kinds of interactions are integral to society. Saying that men should cease knowledge transference because it might insult a woman is an absurd thought that would only serve to keep women in the dark about a lot. What feminists are promoting is bubbled ignorance on the part of women because men should just shut up and speak when spoken to. We’re not to impart thoughts and knowledge because, as listed above, we weren’t asked or it’s possible that maybe the woman we’re talking to knows more about the subject than us.

If she does, she does, and she’ll be the one referred to as the expert. If she’s not, then she gained some extra knowledge she can take with her and use later on down the line. No one knows until we offer this information to people, including women. In the end, it’s just human interaction, and it’s necessary.

The thing that really gets my goat about “mansplaining” is the part that’s not talked about often.

Pretend you’re an alien and you’re watching human culture from your spaceship. While monitoring social media feeds, speeches, and entertainment mediums, you come across the idea of “mansplaining.” You read the United Nations tweet, check out speeches by activists and politicians, and come to understand what the concept is all about.


Because you’re an alien and you’ve been studying humans for some time, you understand their biology, natural drives, methods of communication, traditions, cultures, etc. As the alien looking in from the outside, you notice that the social justice advocates who promote the idea of “mansplaining” seem to have an opinion about women that isn’t very high.

Feminists seem to believe women are weak, easily prone to subjugation, incapable of a wide variety of things, and in constant need of emotional protection. For some reason, this group of humans who ironically refer to themselves as “feminists” believe that only they know how women should be treated and they’ll never get that treatment unless it’s under their direction.

Aside from the fact that the women who disagree with feminists are treated with the utmost contempt and open hatred, the feminists believe the human women should be coddled and given everything without having to have deserved it or worked for it first.

An alien would simply come to the conclusion that feminists treat women like small children and that the concept of “mansplaining” is infantile. It’s the belief that women cannot hold their own in a room of their male counterparts and the rules must be bent in their favor in order to level the playing field. It’s the idea that women need protection from thoughts because they can’t handle them. It’s the ridiculous notion that women just aren’t capable and as such, societal rules need to be altered to make them so.


If you were the alien who was watching human history unfold you’d look back through history and note that women have proved themselves capable of doing a lot and that they do more all the time. You’d probably think the feminists were a bit ridiculous and very insulting.

They are, my good alien. They are.

By the way, this article will be written off as “mansplaining” by social justice advocates. You watch.

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